3 Idiotic Fad Diets to Avoid in 2015 (Unless You Want to Die)

Another year, another barrage of fad diets.

We’ve already looked into the Paleo diet and debunked it for a load of guff, but there are plenty more in the crosshairs. In this post we’d like to explore not only three of the most ridiculous fad diets, but also those that may actually cause you long-term harm if you try to stick by them. It should go without saying that we categorically do not endorse or condone any of the following at Sativa Shakes

clay cleanse diet

#3: The Five-Bite Diet

Why count all those hundreds of calories when you can count how many bites you’re taking? That’s the frankly absurd concept that lies behind the Five-Bite Diet, created by Dr. Alwin Lewis. The diet encourages its proponents to completely skip breakfast and then have just five bites of whichever particular food they fancy for lunch and dinner. This diet doesn’t put restrictions on what you can eat (probably because the total is paltry either way), but it’s incredibly stupid to try. Why? Well, you’re robbing yourself of key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy from all the major food groups. In short, this is a mug’s game.

#2: The Clay Cleanse Diet

If you thought clay was only for making pottery and primary school ornaments, think again. This almost unbelievable diet – the Clay Cleanse Diet – asks dieters to ingest a spoonful of day once per day. No, we’re not kidding. According to the gobbledygook rationale that comes along with it, the clay will ‘remove negative isotopes’ and ‘eliminate toxins’ from the body. Health professionals have another view. In fact, doctors have warned the public to avoid the Clay Cleanse Diet because ingesting clay in any form can lead to arsenic and lead poisoning – especially in pregnant women. Don’t risk it – and keep the clay in the workshop!

#1: The Urine Therapy Diet

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this diet is the sole domain of a certain adventurous TV personality, but the Urine Therapy Diet is very much real. Those folks who actually have the guts to down a glass of their own urine claim that doing so can actually prevent the development of cancer. There’s only one rule with this ‘diet’ – and that’s that you should never drink your ‘first flow’ of the morning. (The sick bucket’s over there, by the way). As should be obvious to anyone with a scrap of common sense, drinking your own urine is not a great idea. Whilst technically sterile, it can contain nasties which your body is trying to excrete; there’s a reason it’s called bodily waste, after all.

So what do you think about these ridiculous fad diets? Are they a fool’s game, or have you already tried them yourself? Either way, we’d love to hear your opinions. Let us know via the comments or Facebook and Twitter!


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