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Here’s what happened when we caught up with Eleanor Barlow – Personal Trainer, Snowboard instructor and occasional fitness model and all round hero!

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To get started – How did you get into training?

I’ve always been very sporty, at school and university I was a keen hockey and tennis player. When I started working in London it was difficult to keep up with team sports and though I dabbled with rowing for a time I ended up getting more into solo pursuits. That’s when I started taking part in adventure and endurance races so I used to train for that. Now though I love the gym, mostly because it fits into my London life. I’ve also found many like-minded people through training so it really is a big part of how I live.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have been given or you find you give to others?
“Stay true to yourself”, by that I mean don’t do what you think others want or expect you to. You won’t be happy and you’ll be less likely to achieve your goals. And don’t worry about how others perceive you, it doesn’t matter; make your choices with conviction!

You are a great role model, who is your role model?
Thanks! So from a training point of view it has to be Arnie, I know that sounds like a cliché but I really think he’s an inspiration not just from a body building perspective but also in terms of his strong work ethic and attitude towards life. He’s also a very savvy in business.

What does the 1st hour of your day look like?
I get up at 4.45am; I’m definitely a morning person! I love London when there’s no one else around. I have a strong black coffee with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, down my multivitamins then catch the bus to the gym.

What exercise would you like to master?
I’d LOVE to be able to do Salmon Pull ups, to be honest though unless I actually start practicing them I never will! There’s lesson right there; to get good at something you have to try, and keep trying! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Here is a link to a tutorial for anyone interested,

If you were stuck on a desert island with only one bit of gym kit what would it be?
Hmmmm, that’s hard. Maybe a TRX as it’s pretty versatile, though I do love weights…

What body weight exercise would you do on your beach?
Push-ups, or maybe spider push-ups as they require you to use your abs as well as your biceps, triceps and chest so you get more of a work out. If you also travel with the movement you can hit your lower body too. Here’s a link,

Other than Sativa Shakes what food would you have on your desert island?
This will probably make me sound weird but Kallo organic puffed rice cereal and some coconut milk sprinkled with raisins….or a tub of peanut butter and some bananas! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I’m currently prepping the PCA British Bodybuilding Championship finals in June so my diet is very restrictive and it makes me crave very specific foods.

Back to reality – what motivates you to train on a cold, wet day?
Knowing how good I’ll feel afterwards. I also remind myself that every little helps, so each training session is part of the bigger picture, another building block which will take me a step closer to achieving my goal. I also think about how great I’ll feel when step on stage to compete and how much I enjoy the whole training process.

What goals have you for this year?
Training wise, I’m getting ready to compete at the PCA British Bodybuilding Championship finals so that’s definitely my goal. I came third in the qualifying regionals last September so I’m pushing hard to do the very best I can. Apart from training, I’m still finishing my property renovation project so I want to get fully settled in my flat, that’ll be a big goal to have achieved.


What’s the strangest diet or exercise routine you have followed?I don’t think I’ve ever followed a strange diet or exercise routine. But I suppose many would consider my body building diet strange. ‘Strange’ is relative, and normal is boring 😉

What is your greatest indulgence?
Coffee…and probably nut butters!

Thanks Eleanor, really great to get an insight into your training and diet – we wish you the best of luck at the PCA and hope to see you nailing the Salmon Pull ups  next time we catch up!

We will keep you posted with how Eleanor gets on at the PCA British Bodybuilding Championship finals and will make sure we get you some training and nutrition tips very soon!

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