Tubster’s Training Tips – One step easy guide to getting a 6 pack!

Tubster’s Training Tips
One step easy guide to getting a 6 pack…
Step One – admit you are not going to get a six pack!
So the first step to getting a 6 pack is deciding you are not going to get one!!
How so?
Well, I’m afraid to say there is no magic pill, no magic potion and no magic piece of kit that will give you a six pack , and please, please don’t even think about surgery.
A proper six pack is seriously, seriously hard work.  Most people don’t realize that a body builder is only in his ‘prime condition for hours or days at the most apart from a very few lucky genetic freaks.
That guy at the gym who seems to effortlessly keep super lean all year round is either another lucky freak or he is giving some serious effort to keeping cut. He  probably doesn’t drink much alcohol if any and likely burns a lot of calories, they are always at the gym when you go – maybe the never actually leave!!
So if the goal is not to get a six pack – what is it?!
What you need to do is lay the foundations, build you core, build your major muscle groups, they are going to be burning your calories for you and will set you on the road to the body you dream of and amazing, satisfying training sessions for years to come.
So, forget about the 6 pack, for now at least and get on with some decent training that you enjoy and clean eating And don’t forget, if you can, vegan too. 🙂
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