Tubsters Training Tips – The Enjoyable Training Plan

Tubsters Training Tips – The Enjoyable Training Plan
The first step to enjoyable training is to do something you actually enjoy, no more dragging your butt to the gym for a while.
Squats and functional fitness may be a great way to get in shape but it also puts a lot of strain on your body and takes a lot of recovery, maybe its not the right time for such heavy duty training right now.
Swimming is one of the only exercises where you finish with more energy than you start. Open water swimming can provide a great challenge.
How about switching your commute for a bike ride and you wont even need to make time for that work out.
Maybe take a break from the gym and try a 30 day yoga challenge.
If you really enjoy your training you will find it easier to do and you will see results.
After a month or 2 of enjoyable training you will find that you want to step things up and training that was once daunting will suddenly be appealing.
So enjoy your training and focus on eating clean and as vegan as you can!
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