5 Simple Tips For A Better Workout

Enjoy the process of becoming better with these tips for a better workout:

No matter what your type of training you’re doing it is really important to do so efficiently and look to optimise your workouts for optimal results. Here are my top five really simple tips for a better workout that anyone can apply in order to maximise their results.

Tip #1 – Set yourself goals

Setting yourself goals and targets of what you want to get out of your training, can really help to guide your workouts by giving you a clear picture of what it is you are working towards and can help to focus your mind on how what you’re about to do will help you get to that end goal.

Tip #2 – Find a partner

Having a training partner or partners, who can push you, motivate you and generally help make your training enjoyable can be a real asset in guiding you towards great end results. If you can find someone to train with who shares your goals and is willing to work as hard you to get there, you’re sure to set yourself up for success.

Tip #3 – Be progressive

Whether it be pushing out one more rep than last time, working at a higher intensity than before or taking shorter rest periods, progressive overload is a really important training principle to implement into your workouts. By working just a little bit harder every time you train you can set yourself up to make continual improvements towards your goal which you can feel good about having done after each and every workout.

Tip #4 – Replenish and Recover

After training it is really important that you get both protein and carbohydrates back into your body a.s.a.p. in order to refuel taxed muscles and kick-start the recovery process so that you can come back better and stronger each time. A great, simple example of an ideal post-workout snack is Sativa Shakes High Pro coupled with a large banana.

Tip #5 – Be patient and enjoy the process

Training for a goal can be a lengthy, and at times, an arduous process where people can often get frustrated if they don’t see improvements immediately. By being patient and training regularly & effectively though the results are bound to come in time, so enjoy the journey of becoming better.

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About Roy Barber

‘I am aspiring athlete and fitness enthusiast, currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, widely regarded as the best course of its type in Europe. I am currently a 3 time County Athletics gold medallist over the sprint disciplines at junior level and am working hard every single day to continually improve myself mentally, physically and athletically. With a great passion for all things fitness and sport, I hope over the coming years to forge a successful and fruitful career in sport, dealing with a variety of aspects such as strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery. ‘ ‘I ended up at Loughborough studying what I am because I’ve known for a few years now if I was going to go to university, sports science was the degree for me, I’ve always loved sport, PE and learning about all the different areas of science in relation to the human body so it was a natural move for me. In terms of why Loughborough specifically, I always heard great things about the university, I had a relative who came here and loved it, and I was incredibly impressed with the campus when I came on an open day and fell in love with the place. Who inspires me to compete is a more difficult question, I’d have to start by saying my coach who has done a fantastic job in turning me into a 'proper athlete'. I am also inspired by a range of people in my life, from world class athletes to friends and family. Roy Barber is 20 years old and comes from a small Leicestershire town called Market Harborough

2 Responses to “5 Simple Tips For A Better Workout”

  1. Jon June 20, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Hi Roy,

    Great blog.
    What do you recommend about listening to music when training? Is it a good idea?
    I like to listen to a playlist that fits with the type of workout I’m doing. But is this a good idea, or should I reply more on my own mentality to get through?



  2. Roy Barber June 20, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks for your great question.

    As regards listening to music whilst training I think that it can be a matter of preference and circumstance as much as anything. I think there are times when music is an invaluable addition to your workout and there are other times where you are better off calling upon your mental strength to pull you through.

    Ill give you a quick example:

    Personally I always like to have my headphones in whenever I’m training alone in the gym as I feel it benefits me a lot to do so especially if its busy in the gym & there’s a lot of potential distractions to take your mind off of your workout. I also find that sometimes if your things that aren’t much fun but are just the ones you have to do sometimes, for instance, doing half an hour or more of steady pace cardio on the bike or the treadmill etc it can be really boring so listening to music can definitely make things more interesting. There is also some scientific research that I have read from the Weider Research Group suggesting general weight training can definitely benefit from listening to music. They showed that subjects who listened to their favourite tunes whilst training increased their strength significantly more than those who didn’t across a range of exercises. Which was primarily accredited to increased focus & concentration as well as being less easily distracted by things going on around them.

    Training where I wouldn’t use music however, and instead would rely on my mental strength would be really hard, lactic acid inducing sessions, where you have to work at 100% of your capacity for a minute or so. i have a lot of track sessions like that, for instance, where I know that my mind will tell me that I want to stop & give up before the finish line and so I have to focus all my attention on to overriding these feelings and pushing through to the end. I think these are then the times that you can call upon for strength in future and the knowledge that you can push through.

    So generally I would say there is definitely a lot to be said for listening to music when you train, especially in helping your focus in fairly intense workouts. However, when your mental strength is going to be really really tested for a few moments id say go without and just use your mind to get you through as it will always take you further than your body.

    Hope this helps,
    Let me know if you have any other questions


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