5 So-Called Health Foods That Are Just Making You Fatter


Whether you’re sitting down and watching telly or just browsing the web, you can’t escape healthy food advertisements. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that practically everything is good for you. You’d be forgiven… but you’d be wrong. In fact, many of these so-called ‘health foods’ are just making you fat. So here are our top 5 that you may want to consider cutting out… as painful as the process may be.

sushi is bad for you

5. Sushi

When a food like sushi is just so fresh and light, it’s hard to believe it could ever be bad for you – but it is. Or at least, some of it is. To be more specific, eating one too many sushi rolls can give you some rolls of your own. Packed with rice and often padded with mayonnaise, cream cheese or other dairy sauces, sushi rolls can be something of a hazard to the healthy eater. And all of that high-carb rice isn’t helping either.

4. Granola

Throw it on your yoghurt, chuck it in with your cereal; heck, have it on its own. However you enjoy granola, be sure you understand its calorific content fully. A single bowl of granola can contain up to 600 calories – especially the stuff you get from the supermarket which often includes added sugar. Our tip? The safest granola option are the packs you’ll find at specialist health-food shops.

3. Skimmed milk

You’ve been convinced all your life that skimmed milk is the healthy option, and there is some truth to that. But just because it’s the healthiest type of milk, still doesn’t mean it’s great for you. Skimmed milk still contains a lot of saturated fat and is also missing some vital fat-soluble vitamins such as E and A. Obviously we’d never suggest cutting it out altogether, but certainly limiting intake is a rock-solid idea.

2. Rice cakes

A health food staple, the humble rice cake can be seen in fitness fanatics’ cupboards across the nation. But they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. The problem lies in the fact that rice cakes do nothing at all to alleviate hunger. They contain almost no fibre or protein, both of which are necessary to curb those hunger pangs. That means that all you’re doing by eating a rice cake is prolonging the time it’ll take you to reach for the really unhealthy stuff once hunger gets the better of you.

1. Orange juice

You’ve had a glass of it every day all of your life, how can it turn on you now? Well, we’re sorry to say that most orange juice varieties are just plain bad for you. Orange juice contains a high percentage of carbohydrates which can be equivalent to a slice of bread, but that’s not the worst of it. Most orange juice brands load up their orange stuff with sugars of all kinds. To avoid the orange juice trap, always check the label – and never drink Sunny Delight, but that should go without saying.

Have you been on a strict regime of good-but-actually-bad foods? If so, let us know. Or if you have any healthy eating tips to share, please do so in the comments or via Facebook and Twitter!

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