5 Tips for getting into shape in 2018

5 Tips for getting into shape for 2018

Follow these 5 tips to make sure this year you really deliver on your New Years resolution promises:


Make Yourself Accountable

To make sure you stick to your plans you need to make yourself accountable. There are many ways, maybe you want to get a training partner and challenge each other. A great idea is to write down your goals, maybe social media is where you declare your goals. However you did it, commit to your challenge and then you can start to see it through.

Take Stock

Before you embark on this challenge it’s important to see where you are now. This could be a weigh in but better still, pictures, a Body Scan or even just an old fashioned piece of string to take your measurements.

Plan & Review

A small goal everyday will see you make great progress. Make sure to write a plan of what you are going to achieve and then each week look back on what you have achieved. This may start the fantastic habit of keeping a journal.

Do Something Different

If it feel like every year you are making the same promises to yourself then its time to mix things up. If you haven’t used a trainer before maybe it will be worth the investment, or if you fancy taking up a new physical activity what better time than now.
If you haven’t tried going vegan maybe now is the time.

Cut it out!

There is always something that can be cut out, maybe this is dairy, maybe its animal products altogether or nasty artificial sweeteners that can be replaced with stevia. Have a look at your diet and see what you would be better without.

Let us know how you get on with your resolutions and all the best for the year ahead.

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