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4 Super-Healthy Morning Habits to Jump-Start Your Day

Are you a night-owl or a morning lark? If you’re part of the former, today’s post might make for difficult reading. If you’re part of the latter, on the other hand, we might just have some advice that’ll boost your productivity, fitness, and wellbeing. No matter how you feel about mornings, we can all agree […]

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Getting Ripped the Vegan Way: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s easy to assume that being a vegan and getting ripped aren’t totally compatible. But the two really aren’t mutually exclusive. All you need is the right attitude, the right fitness routine, and (most importantly), the right diet. In today’s post, we’ll explain the fundamental steps you’ll need to take in order to get the […]

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Can You Really Build Muscle Mass on a Plant-Based Diet? Yes You Can!

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) about there about plant-based diets and the role they play in bulking.Naturally, this is something that we hold close to our hearts here at Sativa Shakes, so we thought we’d take a little time to dispel some of the myths. The simple truth of the matter is this: […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sugar (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Like it or not, sugar is a big part of modern life. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to remove sugar from your diet entirely thanks to its inclusion in even savoury foods. With that in mind, we at Sativa Shakes thought it’d make sense to lay down the facts about sugars of all varieties – […]

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5 Really Convincing Reasons to Go Vegan in 2016

There are a lot of opinions flying around veganism – on both sides of the fence. But the reality is that veganism is a lifestyle choice like any other, so it’s 100% personal choice. But how can you make an informed decision if you don’t have the facts? Well, fear not, because the Sativa Shakes […]

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Who Needs Gym Equipment? A Short Introduction to Bodyweight Training

With today’s hectic pace of life, it can be tricky to find time to get to the gym even once – let alone multiple times per week! This is one of the reasons that bodyweight training is becoming so popular, not just in the UK but across the globe. There are plenty of programs available […]

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Bodybuilding vs. CrossFit: The Ultimate Grudge Match

When it comes to personal fitness, everybody has their favourites. But if you’re just starting out, it can something of a tall order to decide exactly which workout style is for you. Two of the most common forms of fitness regimes are bodybuilding and Crossfit. While each is unique in its approach to whipping your […]

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Time to Ditch the Dairy? 3 Reasons to Turn Your Back on Cows Milk

Milk products are everywhere. From your morning coffee to that creamy pasta thing you love so much, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid dairy. But that doesn’t mean that cutting it out isn’t a great idea for you and your health. If you’ve ever been tempted to leave dairy behind for good, and you simply need […]

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4 Scientifically Proven Fat Loss Tips That Actually Work

  You simply can’t argue with science. Like it or not, some things are true, and others simply aren’t. Nowhere is this more applicable than the world of fat loss and dieting advice. If you’re anything like us at Sativa Shakes, you’re probably a bit bored of hollow promises for quick results – so let’s […]

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5 Essential Fitness Accessories You Can Find for Under £20

Who says keeping fit has to break the bank? By making the right choices about your fitness purchases, there are plenty of gym essentials you can pick up for less than twenty quid. Below we’ll share five of our favourite fitness accessories that will make your healthy regime better without making you feel like you’re […]

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