Vegan Friendly Waffles

Delicious High Pro Vegan Friendly Waffles

Try something different for breakfast this morning: Delicious High Pro Vegan Friendly Waffles This weekend I fancied something a little different for breakfast, feeling a little bored of oatmeal I had a little think of alternatives and came up with… waffles! These wouldn’t just be plain old sugar and fat laden waffles though, I wanted […]

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Learn about the benefits of plant protein shakes

Uncover the nutritional health benefits of plant protein shakes

We think there are loads of reasons to enjoy dairy free protein powder, but today we’re going to focus on the top five health benefits of plant protein shakes. Gentler on the digestion Some protein powders – particularly those from dairy (whey protein and casein protein) – can be difficult to digest. You don’t have […]

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Hamstring Injury

My Hamstring Tear – Listen to Your Body!

Unfortunately this week I learned a lesson the hard way. Your body is a fantastically intelligent thing which should never be underestimated in terms of its capabilities and the biofeedback that it can provide to you. I know I’ve been abit ignorant of what its told me a few time in the past and gotten […]

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Overcoming Adversity, you can do it!

Looking back on the last week or 10 days there seems to have been a common link running throughout, from small, personal things to the ginormous, global events my week has been littered with overcoming adversity. It is something that we all have to do in life at different times and in different contexts. Sometimes […]

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Roy Barber

Set your goals, work hard and believe, then you’re going achieve

As I look out onto the bright, sunny morning,  a warm breeze rustles through the budding trees, flowering daffodils stand proud from the soil, thoughts of ‘blimey, it must be hot!’ enter my head as I see a series of postmen pass by, braving their shorts for the first time this year. Winter might actually […]

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The Top Ten Fastest Men Of All Time

After last weeks blog, in which I gave a preview of the up coming 2013 sprinting season, I was challenged by a couple of mates to name as many of the worlds top ten fastest men in order of speed as I could. How many might you be able to name do you reckon? Bolt […]

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Usain Bolt

Life at Loughborough Uni: 100m 2013 Preview

The Fast and Injurious – Potentially the greatest year for sprinting ever was begun by Bolt and Powell this weekend…. It is no secret, to anyone that knows me or has read some of my previous blogs ,that I am a massive fan of athletics, in particular sprinting. I’m lucky enough to be able to […]

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Life at Loughborough Uni: Time to Trial

After a gruelling winter of hard work, pounding around the track and working away in the weight room, today I was to step back out onto the track to compete, not just with my opponents but also with myself. Bar a couple of small indoor meetings, this would be my first real race in six […]

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Life at Loughborough: Be a confident athlete, stupid!

Be a confident athlete, stupid! So, here am I, the championship final, the big race I’ve trained so hard for. Lane 5, right in the middle of the track, my body’s feeling  good, it knows how to run fast, but what about what’s in my mind? That’s what is going to be the difference here […]

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wide awake shake

The Wide Awake Protein Shake Recipe

Ingredients Inspired by the Espresso Martini, this shake is ideal for the morning after ! A truly delicious breakfast combination designed to get you moving. Method 1.  Put 1 scoop Chocolate & Caramel Viva High Pro in a blender with 350ml almond milk 2. Add a teaspoon of cocoa and 2 large teaspoons of natural […]

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