Time to Ditch the Dairy? 3 Reasons to Turn Your Back on Cows Milk

Milk products are everywhere. From your morning coffee to that creamy pasta thing you love so much, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid dairy. But that doesn’t mean that cutting it out isn’t a great idea for you and your health. If you’ve ever been tempted to leave dairy behind for good, and you simply need […]

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4 Scientifically Proven Fat Loss Tips That Actually Work

  You simply can’t argue with science. Like it or not, some things are true, and others simply aren’t. Nowhere is this more applicable than the world of fat loss and dieting advice. If you’re anything like us at Sativa Shakes, you’re probably a bit bored of hollow promises for quick results – so let’s […]

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5 Essential Fitness Accessories You Can Find for Under £20

Who says keeping fit has to break the bank? By making the right choices about your fitness purchases, there are plenty of gym essentials you can pick up for less than twenty quid. Below we’ll share five of our favourite fitness accessories that will make your healthy regime better without making you feel like you’re […]

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Inspired – An interview with Eleanor Barlow

  Here’s what happened when we caught up with Eleanor Barlow – Personal Trainer, Snowboard instructor and occasional fitness model and all round hero! To get started – How did you get into training? I’ve always been very sporty, at school and university I was a keen hockey and tennis player. When I started working […]

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Could Recording Your Progress be the Secret to Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Almost all of us know how tough it can be to achieve our fitness goals. No matter how lofty (or not-so-lofty) they may be, for a lot of folks, sticking to a routine and seeing consistent results can be a challenge. But in reality, actually witnessing the positive results of your efforts can be the […]

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The Dark Side of Dairy: Is It Time Everyone Goes Dairy Free?

  Did you know that roughly 75% of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose? So Why aren’t more people going Dairy free? It’s true; and while some may not even notice it, for others it’s a constant concern that can cause a lot of stress and discomfort until they go dairy free. Whether or […]

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Life After Chicken: What will your Vegan Protein Be?

So you’ve finally made the big decision, and chicken is very much off the menu – it’s time to look to vegan protein. You might be doing Veganuary or have decided to chop out meat on Monday’s or are you giving vegetarian eating a go for the first time? If so, your supply of protein might […]

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4 Superfoods That Are Set to Take the World by Storm in 2016

  It can sometimes feel like so-called superfoods are everywhere these days. But, at least in our humble opinion, it always seems to be the same usual suspects: quinoa, kale, kelp, and so on. We think it’s time to change the record somewhat, and take a deeper look into the future of superfoods. So here […]

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5 Super-Healthy Gift Ideas for the Fitness Fanatics in Your Life

  Whether you like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner – and with it comes the inevitable shopping trips. If you’re not the best at picking out gifts – especially for those hard-to-buy-for health nuts in your life – we’ve collected our top 5 ideal gifts for any fitness fanatic. So let’s […]

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The Breakfast Cereal Diet Can’t Possibly Be Real…Can It?

  There’s a reason that breakfast cereals are called breakfast cereals. But that doesn’t stop some people using them as the centrepiece for the latest you’ll-never-guess diet (or possibly fad). Whether herbivore, carnivore, or a bit of both, the breakfast cereal diet is apparently one that anyone can try. But is it really a good […]

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