Can You Really Build Muscle Mass on a Plant-Based Diet? Yes You Can!


There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) about there about plant-based diets and the role they play in bulking.Naturally, this is something that we hold close to our hearts here at Sativa Shakes, so we thought we’d take a little time to dispel some of the myths. The simple truth of the matter is this: yes, you can build muscle mass on a plant-based diet.

So whether you’re a fully-fledged vegan or you’re simply swapping out your protein shakes for a plant-based option, here’s the final word.

Dispelling the misconception

Perhaps the best place for us to start in dissecting this urban myth is why some people believe that you can’t bulk on a plant-based diet. Well, the primary reason that this idea is held by so many in the fitness world is that plants are not generally known as a great source of protein. As we all know, protein is the essential building block of muscle mass, so it’s natural that some people might assume meat is the one-and-only source of this critical ingredient. But that’s simply not true at all. Want proof? Well, look at the herbivores of the animal kingdom: gorillas and horses both enjoy plant-based diets and guess what? Gorillas are pretty ripped!

Choosing the right source of protein

So now that we know it can be done, how can you ensure you’re getting enough protein from your plant-based diet? Well, the first place to start is with the staple foods in your diet. There are plenty of vegan-friendly foods which you can add into your diet mix to bolster the amount of protein you’re taking in. Here are a few of the best:

  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Quinoa
  • Black beans
  • Soya milk

… and there’s many more on top of those. These should get you thinking the right way and (hopefully) understanding that you don’t need meat to build muscle.

The do’s and don’ts of plant-based bulking

Before you set off designing your new vegan-friendly muscle-building diet, there are a couple of things you should know. First off, we’d recommend that you stick to protein-dense vegan foods such as seeds, pulses, nuts and beans rather than any form of synthetic meat replacement. This is because, just like processed meat foods, the actual nutritional value is actually far lower than the natural foods. The basic idea is to create a surplus of protein with which your body can build muscle. Of course, we’d also recommend that you add in a plant-based protein shake to your daily diet – this can really make a big difference when it comes to bulking vegan-style!

We hope we’ve managed to dispel some of the half-truths surrounding the role of plant-based diets in building mass. If you’ve been thinking about doing this, don’t be nervous; it’s not just possible, it’s downright proven to work! And our plant-based protein shakes will be there to support you every step of the way.

About Jessica @ Sativa Shakes

Jessica has over ten years experience in the fitness industry, working initially as a fitness coach and personal trainer, and then moving into management for several years in health clubs around the UK. Fitness is a way of life for Jessica, spending many hours each week in the gym in order to constantly improve her fitness, strength and skills.
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