Claire Desroche – Great Vegan Expectations

So you’ve stumbled across this blog, perhaps by accident, and I intend to make it worth your while, whether you are vegan, know a vegan, love a vegan, hate a vegan, or have never really thought about being vegan.

I’m not here to give you any groundbreaking news or advice. Quite the opposite, in fact. I want to show just how effortlessly easy it is to thrive as a vegan, no matter how active, busy, lazy, or broke you may be. By thrive, I don’t mean settling for the garnishes an unhelpful restaurant will hastily throw on a plate because they couldn’t be bothered to figure out what you can and can’t eat. By thrive, I don’t mean accepting that you’re going to be slightly weaker and skinnier and more tired than everyone else around you. By thrive, I don’t mean forlornly watching your omnivorous friends guzzle burgers and cheesecake while you push a limp unseasoned lettuce leaf around your plate.

This matters to me because I’m just an ordinary twenty-something year old girl who has been vegan for four of the six years I’ve been physically active. In that time, I have been a student, I have lived at home, I have lived away from home and I have worked a full time job. I have lived in Luxembourg, in Southampton and in London. I have explained veganism (many times) to a French family and an Australian family. I have trained in Thai boxing, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, powerlifting and general fitness. I have breakfasted, lunched and dinnered in various European countries. I have put on weight, I have lost weight, I have felt healthy and I have been unwell.

The point I am getting at here is that not only are we all different, with varying needs and tastes, but our needs vary within our own lives according to our financial, emotional, geographical situation. So by all means peruse the internet for the perfect (vegan) diet and the ideal training routine – but when you get discouraged and confused, I hope this blog can offer a little realistic advice, washed down with some encouragement and maybe a pinch of inspiration.

As for my Great Expectations; if we as vegans can prove that we know what we’re doing, maybe the rest of the world will accept that it’s time to offer us decent vegan options on their menu, a decent selection of vegan supplements for all training goals and health needs, and to use their 20 questions more wisely than to ask us where we get our protein from.

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