Discover why plant protein shakes are not just for vegans

Discover why plant protein shakes are not just for vegans 

Did you know that hemp, pea and brown rice protein have loads of benefits for everyone? Here’s why you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy our shakes.

You want your protein supplement choices to benefit the environment

The plants we use in our vegan protein shakes and powders all come from plants (obviously!) The hemp, soy, pea and brown rice we use in our dairy free protein powders are all  non-genetically modified. Plant based protein powders are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.

You want your protein powders to be all natural (no chemicals)

Because our protein powders are derived from the seeds, leaves and grains of hemp, pea and brown rice, we are able to bring them to you in a minimally processed form. In fact, plant protein can be consumed raw and unprocessed, because it’s so natural and gentle. We don’t add chemicals, artificial sweeteners, harsh heat treatments and nasty additives. So our vegan protein powders are ideal for anybody who wants a natural and gentle protein supplement.

You enjoy the health benefits of going dairy-free

Plenty of people choose to avoid lactose by following a dairy free diet, and, for these folk, whey shakes and casein protein powder are off the menu. We understand why: lactose (present in high amounts in whey protein powder) is responsible for a range of unpleasant symptoms including gastric distress, bloating and digestive problems. Avoid them all by going dairy free and choosing a lactose free protein supplement.

You want to support animal welfare

Vegans and vegetarians love our plant protein shakes, but you don’t have to be vegan to want to show your support for animal rights and good animal welfare practices. All of our protein supplement products are Vegetarian Society approved and we’re proud of it. We like cows!

You like your protein shakes to blend well and taste great

Number one on most people’s list when it comes to protein supplements is taste! We completely agree. We actually think plant based protein powders are thicker, tastier and blend better than thinner whey protein powders. Dairy free protein powder has a rich, nutty taste which is a great backdrop for the flavours we add (toffee, chocolate, caramel, banana, strawberry and even kiwi and lime). They have a wonderful mouth feel and don’t clump and lump in the shaker bottle. That’s why so many sportspeople, gym goers and healthy eating aficionados choose our plant based protein powders – whether they happen to be vegans or not!

Do you like the fact that our plant protein shakes benefit the environment as well as your body?

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