Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sugar (But Were Afraid to Ask)


Like it or not, sugar is a big part of modern life. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to remove sugar from your diet entirely thanks to its inclusion in even savoury foods. With that in mind, we at Sativa Shakes thought it’d make sense to lay down the facts about sugars of all varieties – including both natural and artificial.

So, whether you’ve wondered in the past or it’s all-new to you, here’s everything you need to know about sugar.

The basics of sugar

Sugar is absolutely everywhere. In fact, statistics suggest that in the last 200 years, consumption of sugar has increased from 45 grams of sugar per week in 1822 to a huge 756 grams of sugar per week in 2012. That’s quite a hefty dose of the sweet stuff, but don’t forget that it comes in many forms. The most common natural sugars found in foods are glucose, fructose, sucrose, and lactose. Of these sugars, sucrose is Public Enemy #1. It’s the sugar you’ll find in cups of tea across the UK and crammed into chocolate bars, sweets, and even pasta sauces. It’s clear that sugar consumption across the world is widespread, but what does the sweet stuff actually do to your body?

How sugar affects your body

There’s no doubt that eating sugar gives the body an immediate boost. After all, there’s a reason that so many snack foods are sugar-based. But what value, if any, does sugar have for your body – and how does it really affect your system? Well, the truth is that most sugars – especially sucrose – are entirely empty calories. Sugar contains energy for the body in its purest form, which may sound like a good thing; unfortunately, that’s all it contains. You’ll find no proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, or really any substantial fuel for your body. That means that while a sugar rush will keep you going for a short while, it’ll run out fast, leading to the well-known phenomenon of the ‘sugar crash’.

Natural alternatives to sugar

With the above in mind, it doesn’t take much to see why so many people are choosing to move away from sugar as much as possible. But with its prolific nature, how can you possibly replace it? Well, you’re in luck, because there are a couple of great options. One of the most popular options is stevia. This sweetener is based on a green plant that grows in South America. Unlike many of the artificial sweeteners used in products today – like the oft-mentioned aspartame – stevia is completely natural. It’s also zero-calorie, which is why it’s used so frequently in healthy food and drink like our Viva High Pro Dairy Free Protein Blend.

Are you considering making the switch from sugar to something that’s easier on your body? If so, you’ll find plenty of healthy sugar-free options in the Sativa Shakes shop. With all-natural ingredients and free of sucrose and lactose alike, all of our plant-based protein shakes are perfect for those avoiding the sweet stuff.


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