Exercise outdoors – 5 reasons to take your workout into the sunshine

With the beautiful, hot, sunny days we’ve been blessed with in recent weeks I, like many, find myself increasingly compelled to get outdoors & enjoy the weather as much as I can, after all this is Britain… it’s unlikely to last too long! So whilst we have this glorious weather at our disposal, why not take the chance to workout outdoors?

exercise Outdoors

Here are my top 5 benefits of exercise outdoors:

  1. Variety – Whether running, cycling, circuit training or anything else for that matter, by heading out of the gym and into the sun you’re bound to spice up your training & trigger fantastic gains in your fitness. The addition of simple variables by training outdoors, such as hills, turns, obstacles, different things you can climb on, jump over, push or pull, makes for a whole new dynamic within your training and as much as anything can be really good fun!


  1. Vitamin D – Lots of people know that Sunshine can be really good for vitamin D levels in your body, but how does that actually benefit you? Well, boosting your Vitamin D can actually lead to greater tissue growth & better absorption and metabolism of nutrients!


  1. Burning more calories – When you work out indoors, a lot of the time, you have quite a bit of stability & comfort in what you’re doing, such as running on a treadmill in a nice air-conditioned gym. Whereas if you took that same run outside, you have to contend with the environmental conditions, the ups & downs of the road surfaces, changes in direction & so on, all meaning you have to work harder…therefore burning more calories in the process


  1. Adherence – Plenty of research seems to suggest the logical idea that training outdoors, rather than indoors, makes people far more likely to adhere to an exercise plan for a longer period of time as its easier to commit to and more enjoyable!


  1. Fun & Creativity – The final point is that you can make training outside as fun, challenging & creative as you like! Obviously make sure you are sensible with what you are doing, ensure nothing is really dangerous or its not far too hot to exercise safely (especially without proper hydration), but after that you can really tailor your workouts however you like to make use of whatever is around you!


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