Fitness Trackers: High-Tech Essentials or Nothing But a Fad?

Fitness Trackers: High-Tech Essentials or Nothing But a Fad?

Unless you’ve been living under a rather large rock for the last year or so, you can’t have missed the fitness tracker boom. From simple step counters to full-blown heartbeat sensors, there are certainly plenty of wearables to choose from. But are they really useful for tracking the progress of your fitness efforts, or is this just another passing phase? Let’s find out.

Why are fitness trackers so popular?

Let’s begin with the basics: why exactly are fitness trackers so ubiquitous at the moment? Well, there are couple of factors in play. First, the ability to track our activity on a real-time basis is something that’s never really been possible before. The Bluetooth connectivity of our smartphones means that fitness trackers can seamlessly sync activity data for us to review anytime via a mobile app. In fact, even some mobile phones have step counter motion sensors built right in, although the data this provides is not as accurate as a wrist fitness tracker.

The benefits of fitness trackers

So if fitness trackers like the Fitbit range or even the Apple Watch are so popular, surely there must be a few benefits… right? Well, the truth is that you really do get back what you put in. Simply wearing trackable isn’t quite enough to make the most of all of the benefits, like these:

  • Realtime tracking means you can see how far you’ve walked, how many steps you’ve taken, and even staircase data anytime, anywhere.
  • The ability to track performance over time lets you monitor the improvements you’re making in caloric burn, exercise sessions, and more.
  • Motivation to exercise comes from knowing that everything you do is tracked. Being able to see how you’re progressing at any time will make sure you hold yourself accountable to your personal goals.

In a way, wearable fitness trackers are as much a means to create and maintain self-discipline for fitness as they are a way to track activity. If these sound interesting to you, a fitness tracker might just be the right choice for you.

Should you buy a fitness tracker?

Now we get down to the brass tacks: should you invest in a fitness tracker? As we mentioned above, one of the best ways to make the most of your fitness tracker is to use it everyday. One of the problems some wearable owners face is that they simply take the tracker off one day and lose momentum. This isn’t a matter of motivation necessarily, but more having the discipline to stick with it and wearing your tracker every day. If you use the bundled tracker app to keep track of other data like caloric intake, weight, etc. you can really boost the potential positive results of owning a fitness tracker. Have you got what it takes?

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