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Everything in moderation – A little of what you fancy can be good for you!

Ask anyone who’s tried a new diet or exercise regime and they’ll tell you that what’s most difficult is finding a routine which is realistic, achievable and which you can stick to. To make long term changes your must adopt life long habits. Now I’m four weeks away from my competition my calories are getting […]

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Travelling and Training: staying on track at home or away

Committing to any training programme or diet is hard enough when you’re in your usual surroundings at home or at work so fitting it in when you’re on holiday or away for a few days can seem super tricky. I’m now 5 weeks away from my second ever physique competition, the World Beauty Fitness and […]

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Discover Wearable Fitness Technology

Essentials of Fitness Technology In an ever expanding world of futuristic tools, gadgets & gizmos available to us today, it is no wonder that advances in fitness technologies have skyrocketed over the past few years. Whilst there are many very high-tech things out there, the benefits of a lot are often not always obvious and […]

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Training Hierarchy

What is GPP and why is it important for sports performance?

This week I’m going to cover an area which is often overlooked by many sports people when designing and implementing training programs, but if included wisely can be of great benefit. General Physical Preparedness, or GPP for short, is a very simple yet effective way to boost overall performance by: 1)      Increasing overall metabolic conditioning […]

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Exercise outdoors – 5 reasons to take your workout into the sunshine

With the beautiful, hot, sunny days we’ve been blessed with in recent weeks I, like many, find myself increasingly compelled to get outdoors & enjoy the weather as much as I can, after all this is Britain… it’s unlikely to last too long! So whilst we have this glorious weather at our disposal, why not […]

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Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation

Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation Last week, after I spoke about 5 simple tips for a better workout , I got some great feedback from a friend on another technique that he used in his workouts for extra drive and motivation, and so after trying it out myself, […]

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5 Simple Tips For A Better Workout

Enjoy the process of becoming better with these tips for a better workout: No matter what your type of training you’re doing it is really important to do so efficiently and look to optimise your workouts for optimal results. Here are my top five really simple tips for a better workout that anyone can apply […]

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Gym Free Fitness Plan For 2013

Gym Free Fitness Plan  So its that time again- the gyms will soon be full of newbies and the same old info is being regurgitated in all the colour supplements. I have put together ten ideas for a new world of gym free fitness to start the year, great if you want to avoid the […]

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