Gym Free Fitness Plan For 2013

Gym Free Fitness Plan 

So its that time again- the gyms will soon be full of newbies and the same old info is being regurgitated in all the colour supplements. I have put together ten ideas for a new world of gym free fitness to start the year, great if you want to avoid the crowds and are on a time budget  as the year gets off the ground:

1. Start drinking hot water in the morning, an excellent way to kickstart your detox first thing

2. Master a piece of functional fitness like the kettlebell

3. Take on the musle up challenge & get to rips with this ultimate classic move Tamarind

4. Find some form of cardio & perform 5days a week, monitoring progress

5. Switch to a vegan protein shake

6. Make at least 50% of your diet raw

7. Go at least pescetarian

8. Find some karella for a serious detox kick


9. Press ups & plank every morning, mix up speed, explosiveness, yoga moves, side plank

10. If you can’t manage veggie or pescie try a meat-free Monday instead


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