Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Sativa Shakers!
As we begin 2018 full of good intention with new years resolutions a plenty, don’t forget it is very easy to overestimate what can be done in a day but under estimate what can be achieved in a year.
Make sure to achieve your goals for 2018 by committing to manageable daily or weekly targets
You will be amazed at how your small wins build into real results over the course of a year.
So where to start?
If you are a bit lost we would recommend signing up to Veganuary if you haven’t already, check out  https://veganuary.com/ where you will get loads of tips and advice.
If you are already following a vegan diet or this just isn’t for you, maybe it’s time to look at your training.
What small activity could you add to your daily routine that would provide a boost?
A morning body weight workout could be the answer, maybe its time to order that chin up bar.
Finally, what can you remove from your daily routine that will make a positive difference?
Do you still need to cut down sugar or maybe you are still taking a nasty whey protein or snacking on simple carbs late in the day.
What ever you goal for 2018, write in down, break it down and most importantly enjoy the journey and take it one day at a time.
All the best for 2018 from all at Sativa Shakes
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