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Vegan Protein for Successful Fat Loss

Vegan Protein for Successful Fat Loss By Pete Ryan If you eat a well balanced diet, then you can get enough of every nutrient, whether you are trying to gain weight, maintain, or lose fat. This is a factually true statement, but the answer, although factually accurate, fails for many people in practice. Most of […]

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Why Your Next Protein Shake Should be a Vegan Protein Shake

Not all protein shakes are created equally. In fact, every time you choose to drink a protein shake, you’re making another (often subconscious) choice about going vegan or not. The decision itself essentially breaks down to picking a protein shake that’s dairy-based or plant-based – and one is much better for you than the other. […]

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Vitamin Supplements are (Probably) a Huge Waste of Time

Vitamin supplements are one of the most contentious issues in the world of health and fitness. In one corner you have a host of fierce proponents convinced that supplements are a daily necessity. And in the other, you have those who claim that vitamin supplementation is of absolutely no use at all. Which of these […]

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Everyone’s Been Lying to You About Peanut Butter

Ah, peanut butter. It’s everyone’s favourite treat. After all, it’s 100% good for you, packed with protein, and the perfect snack for any healthy dieter…right? Well, that’s sometimes true. The reality is that not all peanut butter is created equally, and sometimes it’s simply not as healthy as you think. So let’s cut the fact […]

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5 So-Called Health Foods That Are Just Making You Fatter

  Whether you’re sitting down and watching telly or just browsing the web, you can’t escape healthy food advertisements. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that practically everything is good for you. You’d be forgiven… but you’d be wrong. In fact, many of these so-called ‘health foods’ are just making you fat. So here […]

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Healthy Festive Christmas Tips to KEEP YOU SLIM!

If you’re wanting to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas, aka indulging without the holiday weight gain, then this blog post is for you. Did you know that the average Christmas Day comes in at a whopping 6,000 calories?! That’s TRIPLE what the average person needs. And it’s easily done – a mince pie comes it at […]

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Know your coffee this Christmas

  It’s that time of year where the coffee shops have introduced their Christmas drinks to the menu; cue the eggnog, the cinnamon and the peppermint! Of course, we are all tempted to try them and, as always, the occasional treat should be thoroughly enjoyed. However the goal of this article is to give you […]

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Post competition reflections – know your weaknesses, and strive to make them your strengths

It’s just over a week now since I competed for the second time this year with the WBFF at the Indigo, O2 ProAm extravaganza. All in all it was a confusing, crazy but very cool day!  I had the pleasure of catching up with some of the friends I’ve made on the competition circuit this […]

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Form or function – learning life lessons through body building!

I’m conflicted; form or function, killer abs or super strength…? Is it possible to achieve both or must I choose? I’m just reaching the end of 15 weeks’ worth of hard core training and dieting and about to commence ‘peak week’, the infamous last week before my physique competition when things start getting a little […]

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Everything in moderation – A little of what you fancy can be good for you!

Ask anyone who’s tried a new diet or exercise regime and they’ll tell you that what’s most difficult is finding a routine which is realistic, achievable and which you can stick to. To make long term changes your must adopt life long habits. Now I’m four weeks away from my competition my calories are getting […]

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