Hemp Vs Whey Protein Powder

If you go into your local supplement store you will see rows and rows of whey proteins and very little else but is whey really as good as its cracked up to be?

While it has to be said that hemp protein is lower in protein than whey in percentage protein terms (with whey around 74% & hemp around 50%), there are a number of reasons why this wonder plant should soon be filling the aisles of supplement stores and maybe a few extra scoops of hemp to top up your gram protein count could be just what your body needs.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made from milk. It may have been through a few processes but milk is where it started. Many people are now lactose intolerant in some form so will benefit from the guaranteed zero lactose of hemp. Even if you don’t think you are lactose intolerant you may enjoy the benefits of reducing your dairy intake, such as reduced body fat, better sleep patterns, reduced anxiety, lower cholesterol and improved skin.

Whey protein powder contains no fibre. Fibre has many benefits ranging from cleaning your intestinal tract to helping you feel fuller for longer. Fibre should definitely be in your diet and why not take it in your shake?


Hemp protein is largely made up of Edestin, a globular protein that is very similar to the protein found in the human body, making it easy to digest and assimilate. Your body is very happy when you put hemp in and quickly sets to work making use of it to repair your body.

Hemp contains lots of good fats, it is actually recognised by the WHO as having the optimal 3 – 1 balance of omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acids that are believed to decrease the risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and even depression. They are also very important in a balanced diet and will play a crucial role in shifting unwanted body fat.


So maybe it’s time to give hemp protein a try and see if your body likes it as much as we do.

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