Why Your Next Protein Shake Should be a Vegan Protein Shake


Not all protein shakes are created equally. In fact, every time you choose to drink a protein shake, you’re making another (often subconscious) choice about going vegan or not. The decision itself essentially breaks down to picking a protein shake that’s dairy-based or plant-based – and one is much better for you than the other. Can you guess which?

Here’s why your next shake should be a vegan protein shake.

It’s all about the protein

As the name suggests, a protein shake is really all about the protein – but beyond that is the source of that protein. On the very basic level, there are two different sources for the stuff: plant-based protein and whey-based protein. The key difference is that one is from plants while the other is sourced from cow’s milk, and it’s this latter option that can cause problems. It’s well known that both milk and lactose intolerance are widespread, even for folks who don’t realise it, so a whey-based protein shake could cause stomach upset, digestive distress, and other unpleasantness. But that’s just one potential pitfall; let’s see a few other ways that plant protein takes the cake.

Why vegan-friendly plant protein is awesome

So what will convince you that your next protein shake should be vegan friendly? Well, if you’re not clear on the benefits, here’s a list of the major reasons for avoiding whey-based protein shakes:

  • All-natural, unrefined, and unprocessed. Unlike its animal-sourced counterpart, plant protein is all-natural, and isn’t subject to any artificial ‘tweaking’.
  • Easy on the tummy. Whey is notorious for triggering bouts of stomach upset and other general tummy problems. Plant-based protein, on the other hand, suffers no such stigma.
  • Easy on the conscience. While producers may make promises, the only sure-fire way to know that no animals were harmed in producing your protein shake is to go vegan-friendly with plant-based protein.
  • Fibre is naturally included. Fibre is an essential part of any diet, and can aid in your feeling full and promoting good digestive health. You’ll never find a whey-based protein shake which provides a dose of fibre naturally.

There’s more than one vegan shake

So let’s say you’ve made the (very wise) decision to plump for a plant-based, vegan-friendly, protein shake. There’s actually one more choice to be made: which shake is right for you? The first of our two recommended formulations is the Viva High Pro Protein Blend, which includes four different proteins sourced from differing plant sources, including hemp and brown rice. This is great if you want a low-carb solution for building muscle. The second option is the Viva Sativa Hemp Protein shake, which not only contains raw natural hemp protein, but is also a great source of fibre and Omega 3. Be sure to take the time to check out both options, but whichever you choose is a fantastic vegan-friendly shake which will make you feel great.

Have you ever had problems with whey-based protein? Or perhaps some great experiences with plant-based protein shakes? Either way, let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments.


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