UK Freerunner James Kingston | Exclusive Interview with Sativa Shakes

1 – Tell us about making the video, did everything go to plan?

Making this video was extremely fun 🙂 everything went exactly as I wanted and I’m very pleased with how the final edit looks. It took about 5 early morning shoots to get all the footage and a few heavy editing sessions to get it to a point where I was pleased with it. I hope everyone else is!

 2 – Another great video, another great tune! The music is created by friends of yours according to how you felt while filming – how did you feel?

Yeah the music was produced by my good friend Zeff 🙂 I wanted the music to be calm, not too hard hitting, just something that is easy to get along with and fits in nice with the overall pace of the video. I think this came out pretty nicely!

3 – Are there ever any tape measures involved when you’re sizing up the gaps between buildings or is it purely instinctive?

Haha no, no tape measures required! After enough training you just know what you’re capable of. You know exactly how far you can jump off one or two legs, standing or running and how high you can drop comfortably. You’ll see many people measuring gaps by doing dolly steps between walls. I’m not so into that haha

4 – You worked on the set of Kickass2 (which came out last month) beating up the bad guys – where can we spot your work in the movie ?

I haven’t actually seen it yet! I’m somewhere in amongst a big fight between the good and bad guys in the TMC’s den. I actually ended up playing a good and bad guy which was hilarious. I have no idea whether they used any footage of me or not yet though. Let me know if you spot me!

The Guy Who Hung From A Crane

 5 – Freerunning at the highest level must be incredibly demanding for your body. Does the vegan diet you follow help you keep those energy levels up ?

Yeah a vegan diet definitely helps. It’s the best way to keep track of what you’re eating and know for sure that nothing bad is going in to your body.

6 – I’m sure I’ve seen that jumper before in your videos – is it the Kingston lucky jumper – does it get washed ?!

Haha man you wouldn’t believe how many messages I get about my jumper and trainers. I bought that jumped in LA and absolutely loved it but unfortunately I lost it a few weeks ago in Munich! I’m going back to LA in a few weeks so will definitely go grab another one!

7 – How much time do you spend in the gym in preparation and which machines/weights do you use to keep your strength up?

I spend no time in a gym at all. I’ve never been a fan really. I am aware of the benefits of lifting weights but I’d rather do all my training outside. The only exercises I do that involve weights are weighted pull-ups. Everything else just comes from the movement itself. That’s enough to keep me progressing steadily 🙂

8 – We’d love to know how “kickass” you get in the kitchen. Can you let us in on your favourite protein shake flavour, and your most creative protein shake recipe?

It has to be the Sativa Shakes Chocolate & Caramel flavour mixed with some hazelnut or almond milk. Man, it’s so tasty!!

Congratulations on getting 20,000 YouTube subscribers to your channel…

Thank you! I’m really chuffed 🙂 50,000 is the next milestone! Let’s go!

James Kingston is 23 years old and lives in Southampton. He is a professional freerunner and has been practicing Parkour and Free running since April 2007.

He is a brand ambassador for Sativa Shakes and an advocate of taking good care of your body.

Be one of 20,000 subscribers to his You Tube channel  where the crane video has attracted more than 1.75m views. Follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.

Visit to read more about James and his work.

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