Know your coffee this Christmas


Christmas Coffee Tips

Christmas Coffee Tips

It’s that time of year where the coffee shops have introduced their Christmas drinks to the menu; cue the eggnog, the cinnamon and the peppermint! Of course, we are all tempted to try them and, as always, the occasional treat should be thoroughly enjoyed. However the goal of this article is to give you some useful tips to prevent the Christmas coffees negatively affecting your nutrition and spoiling all that hard fitness work you have put in this year. So here they are:


Tip #1: Don’t make it your usual.

There is no harm in simply trying the Christmas specials, however, on average, they do contain more sugar, flavorings and calories than most drinks on the regular menu. So, my first tip is; treat them like a treat. Avoid having them as your regular order over the holiday months and you will avoid consuming a vast amount of additional calories.


Tip #2: Know the Facts.

It is one thing me telling you that the Christmas drinks have more sugar and calories but make sure you check the specific nutrition information yourself. Just like you would for any new food, find out what you are about to consume! The server should be able to provide you with the information in store or you can do your research and find it online. Knowing what you put in your body allows you to appropriately adjust your training or other aspects of your nutrition to help you stay on track and meet your health and fitness goals.


Tip #3: Drop a Size

A third factor to consider when trying the Christmas drinks is to drop your order down a size. This simple tip could reduce the difference in nutritional value compared to that of your normal drink and, the chances are, the Christmas special will be sweeter and more filling anyway!


Tip #4: Consider it a Treat & Enjoy

Finally, if you like to meet a friend for a coffee and a snack, why not consider the Christmas drink as both – it may actually equate to a similar number of calories. (Yet, another reason to check the nutritional information!). Also, make sure that when you do choose to have a Christmas drink, don’t rush drinking it or get it to go, enjoy it!


To conclude, trying the Christmas coffees should by no means be forbidden just, like always, be aware of the nutritional content and adjust appropriately if needed. I hope you find the tips in this article useful and that they help you to thoroughly enjoy your festive coffee.


Happy Holidays!

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