Why should you choose lactose free protein supplements?

There’s more than one reason to choose lactose free protein supplements over whey and casein. Here are just a few…. (feel free to tell us your reasons!)



Of course, being plant-based, our protein powders and shakes are completely vegan (they’ve even been approved by The Vegetarian Society). So they’re the ideal choice for athletes, gym-goers and healthy eaters who are vegan for ethical or health reasons. You’ll get all the protein, healthy fats, fibre and amino acids you’re looking for in a protein shake, but keep your vegan ideals completely intact!


Better for the digestion

Dairy can be difficult to digest, leading to bloating or worse. Thankfully there’s plenty of choice, and you don’t need to take dairy by-products as a protein supplement. Plant-based proteins from brown rice, hemp, pea (or a combination) are gentle on the digestion. By choosing protein powders derived from plant sources, you give your digestive system a welcome break. Lactose free protein supplements are much easier to digest than whey.


Avoid allergic and inflammatory responses

How many people do you know who say that dairy products don’t agree with them? Lactose and milk protein is the cause of a range of issues, including internal inflammation and mucus production. Avoid the problems completely by choosing a protein powder which isn’t whey or casein. You don’t need to be allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant to feel the benefits of lactose-free protein powder – lots of people simply feel better when they avoid dairy.


All-round nutrition

Plant-based proteins give you so much more than just protein. Fibre (from the plants), omega 3, 6, and 9 (from the healthy fats) and a wide spectrum of essential amino acids to help build and repair the body’s cells and tissue.


Care for the environment

The statistics about the resources it takes to create dairy products are a real eye-opener. Plant-based protein is a much more sustainable, ecological and environmentally-friendly way to produce protein supplements for human consumption. There’s no need to breed, raise and keep herds of cattle, the land is put to better use, and more of the product is used in an end-to-end approach to production.


By choosing plant protein products over dairy, you’re not just doing your own body a favour. You’re helping the environment and making a statement about your own values and ethics.


We’d love to hear from you: why do you choose dairy-free protein supplements?

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