Life After Chicken: What will your Vegan Protein Be?


So you’ve finally made the big decision, and chicken is very much off the menu – it’s time to look to vegan protein.

You might be doing Veganuary or have decided to chop out meat on Monday’s or are you giving vegetarian eating a go for the first time? If so, your supply of protein might be just a little lighter for the foreseeable future.

So how can you make sure that you’re meeting your daily nutritional requirements?

Well, to help you out we’ve compiled a list of tasty (and healthy) vegan protein sources that you can enjoy to replace the protein lost from quitting chicken. Let’s take a look!


Let’s start with the veritable big-hitter vegan protein meat alternatives. Tofu may be best known for taking the place of meat in various recipes, but it’s also a fantastic protein source in its own right. In fact, you’ll find 8 grams for every 100 grams of tofu, which is great start for replacing the 30g of protein per 100g of chicken breast. This versatile foodstuff has a similar texture to some meats, so it’s a great way to replace those elements in many meals. Combine tofu with some of our other recommended protein sources, and you’ll be well on your way to protein paradise.

Peanut butter


It’s tough not to love peanut butter, especially when it’s one of the only foods that can be described as both ‘treat’ and ‘healthy snack’. Peanut butter is one of the closest gram-for-gram replacements for chicken breast, with 25g per 100g, however we can’t recommend eating 100 grams of it at a time! Instead, try introducing peanut butter as a little-but-often addition to your diet. Many fitness enthusiasts admit to grabbing a tablespoon of peanut butter every time they’re in the kitchen – so why not give it a shot? Every little helps!


You’ve probably heard quite a bit about quinoa recently as it’s gaining quite the reputation as a super-food of sorts. But did you also know that quinoa is a good substitute for chicken? It’s a great way to add some texture and density to any dish, and it’ll supply your body with 14g of protein for every 100g you consume. Similar in many respects to couscous, you can use quinoa in a wide range of dishes, especially Mediterranean ones – so there’s lots of options.

Sunflower seeds


Second only to tofu in terms of delivering a protein hit, sunflower seeds are another health food favourite. There’s a reason that they’re generally front-and-centre in healthy eating shops, and they meet all the criteria of a superfood. So if you’re looking for a way to bolster your diet with protein, and reap other health benefits too, you really can’t go wrong with sunflower seeds. Eat them from the bag or sprinkle them in a green salad; how you eat them is up to you, but their protein-packed nature simply can’t be denied.

Vegan Protein Shakes!!

Viva High Pro Pair

Well the list wouldn’t be complete unless we listed our trust protein  shakes. Be it one of our tasty Sativa Shakes or a suitable alternative vegan protein shakes are a great way to make sure you are getting the protein you want, when you want.

How do you ensure you’re getting enough protein when you’re on a vegetarian or vegan diet? And did we miss your favourite chicken and protein alternative? If so, let us know in the comments below or via our social media profiles.

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Jessica has over ten years experience in the fitness industry, working initially as a fitness coach and personal trainer, and then moving into management for several years in health clubs around the UK. Fitness is a way of life for Jessica, spending many hours each week in the gym in order to constantly improve her fitness, strength and skills.
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