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Life at Loughborough: Be a confident athlete, stupid!

Be a confident athlete, stupid! So, here am I, the championship final, the big race I’ve trained so hard for. Lane 5, right in the middle of the track, my body’s feeling  good, it knows how to run fast, but what about what’s in my mind? That’s what is going to be the difference here […]

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Life at Loughborough Uni: Cheatius Part 2

Last week we considered doping in its origins and adolescence, this weeks blog is a continuation of the story, looking slightly further down the timeline at a huge story that shook the sporting world in the mid 2000’s and started to reveal what a presence doping really had in elite sport worldwide. Hope you enjoy […]

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Cheatius, Altius, Fortius – a history of doping (PART 1)

Sport is a fantastic entity, for many of us it forms a huge part of our day to day lives, filling us with emotion and enjoyment, but behind such physical drama can often be a soured undertone which turns heroes into villains, the famous into the infamous and the adored into the despised. For this […]

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Horse Burgers

Life at Loughborough #2: Eating healthily on a student time for horsing around!

With all the horseplay (pun certainly intended) and controversy around contaminated meat produce lately, I though I’d theme this weeks blog around how ive been able to try and form a stable and healthy diet fit for a grand national winner, and all constrained by the tight reins of a student budget. I promise not […]

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Roy Barber

Life at Loughborough: Roy Barber Bio

‘I am aspiring athlete and fitness enthusiast, currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, widely regarded as the best course of its type in Europe. I am currently a 3 time County Athletics gold medallist over the sprint disciplines at junior level and am working hard every single day to continually improve myself […]

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Life at Loughborough Part One: Positive Feedback Loop

So what is life like being a first year student at Loughborough University, trying to juggle studying and training and socialising and all the other things you have to concern yourself with at Uni? For me; yeah it’s hard work, it’s challenging, it’s exhausting at times, but it sure is immense fun! There I am, […]

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