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4 Super-Healthy Morning Habits to Jump-Start Your Day

Are you a night-owl or a morning lark? If you’re part of the former, today’s post might make for difficult reading. If you’re part of the latter, on the other hand, we might just have some advice that’ll boost your productivity, fitness, and wellbeing. No matter how you feel about mornings, we can all agree […]

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couple running

5 Healthy Habits You Should (Probably) Already Have

In this day and age, it can sometimes feel like there are a million things we should be doing, especially when it comes to our health. Well, there’s a reason for that… but it’s not like we’re going to give you a million habits to pick up! No, no – five habits is much more […]

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Paleo Diet Caveman

Eating Like a Caveman: What’s the Big Deal About the Paleo Diet?

With every New Year comes a slew of fad diets, and every year they seem a little crazier than the last. So what’s the big thing for 2015? Eating like a caveman, of course! And no, we’re not kidding. The so-called ‘Paleolithic diet’ or Paleo diet has been adopted by a number of big names […]

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Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

As we near the end of January, I just want to check up on how your new years resolutions are progressing? Are you thriving and still as keen as you were on the 1st? Are you just starting to lose motivation and prioritise other things? Or, have the resolutions already been postponed till next year […]

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