Overcoming Adversity, you can do it!

Looking back on the last week or 10 days there seems to have been a common link running throughout, from small, personal things to the ginormous, global events my week has been littered with overcoming adversity. It is something that we all have to do in life at different times and in different contexts. Sometimes there are just little things that we have to navigate day to day but then there are times we really have to work out how to overcome challenges we’re posed with and these can be the times that really allow us to get stronger and improve our mindset for the future.

I think anyone who watched the London marathon this weekend, or indeed has watched it in the past, has got to be inspired every year at some of the stories of the runners, so many run for such great causes and such inspiring personal reasons. Hopefully everyone takes something positive from the marathon and can be inspired to tackle the challenges faced in everyday life a little more. We are all surrounded by such inspirational people, when we just stop and look  often we realise how positive an environment we can find ourselves in and taking on board others positive energy can really help us all to overcome adversity when and wherever it appears. A great tip I was given once too for when you’re lacking motivation or feeling like you can’t do something is to check out a few inspirational figures, either within your own field or just some people you generally admire. Check out people like Alex Zanardi or Karen Darke’s stories and tell me you don’t feel just a little inspired!

I know personally I was faced with a really scary moment last week when I thought I’d blown my Achilles in training and with it blown my chances of competing at a decent level this year. Thankfully the injury wasn’t as severe as I’d first feared and with the positivity of those around me and a bit of mental strength on my part I’ve been able to set about curing the problems and overcoming the psychological doubt I’d started to have. To my relief, with a bit of treatment along with good old rest and recovery a week on its starting to feel a lot better, not only that I was able to do a couple of really good runs in training last night, which is not only very encouraging physically but I think helps to strengthen you mentally and realise, although only small, you are capable of overcoming adversity in one area therefore why not when you’re faced with bigger challenges.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that for this week. Just remember that whatever problems you face, no matter big or small, you should always back yourself to overcome them, think  about what sheer hardship people have had to navigate in the past, surely if they can successfully navigate that then you can find a way to get past your obstacles too, no?

P.s. Be sure to look out for our vegetarian friendly recipes soon to be posted in celebration on National Vegetarian week and our newly accredited Vegetarian Society status!



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