Patience, Patience, Patience

Patience, Patience, Patience

We all know the old saying of patience being a virtue; it’s just a fact of life that we need a little patience so often in whatever we’re working towards, anything worth doing will undoubtedly take a little time. It’s so common for our patience to really be tested on the journey to our goals and its here that we develop ourselves, so much of our experiences and the valuable things we can take from them lie in the journey rather than the destination.

For me, this week has been a good stepping stone along the way on my road to recovery and I know that now is the time I need to start rebuilding and laying good foundations that I can succeed in the future. After starting my rehab plan, it has become clear that I am going to need to be patient as what I do now in order to repair my body and prepare it to run again is what will pay dividend in the long term. Sure rehab is not always the most enjoyable time; painful muscle palpations, saddle sore inducing cycling and stretching that can be…well rather stretching, are not some exactly some of my favourite pastimes but it is what’s needed to get me back on my feet (literally!) and now it is really down to my mental strength to follow what I need to do to progress my recovery. I’ve even been jumping in at the deep end (again, literally!) by using swimming and aqua jogging as a means of turning my legs over.

Not trying to run before I can walk is definitely a pretty appropriate phrase to apply to my situation right now but I think it can be a really good message to take forward, if you stay hungry, stay humble and stay motivated you can achieve anything if you have a little patience and a bit of perseverance.

Anyway, have a great week guys, go out and work hard on whatever it is you want to achieve and be the person you want to be.


Hopefully everyone is looking forward to national vegetarian week next week, we sure are and we’ll be celebrating by publishing some great veggie friendly recipes for you to try! Until then be sure to check out UK Dietician Nichola Whitehead’s great review of Sativa Shakes on her site, where she has a few fantastic Sativa Shakes based recipes for you that are not to be missed!

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