Plant protein vs whey: what’s best for a healthy diet?

Plant protein vs whey: what’s best for a healthy diet?

There’s no doubt that plenty of protein is needed for a healthy diet. But what’s the best protein supplement choice: plant protein or whey protein?


We’re passionate about our plant-based protein powders, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that we the Sativa Shakes team choose hemp protein and blended plant proteins over whey protein powders. But there’s more to it than personal preference. We explored the facts about plant protein vs whey.


Whey protein is derived from milk and is a by-product of the dairy industry. As such, it’s not as environmentally friendly as plant protein (as it takes a great deal more space, money and man hours to farm cattle than it does to farm crops) and can be subject to more toxins and chemicals (if the herds are treated with drugs).


The plants our vegan-friendly proteins come from are all highly-sustainable and GM-free: completely natural hemp, pea and brown rice crops which enhance rather than drain the environment and our plant’s resources.


Many people find plant based proteins easier to digest than whey protein, too. Whey (and dairy as a whole) is renowned for contributing to inflammation within the body and can cause mucus build up, intolerances, gut flare-ups and digestive upsets including bloating. Plant-based proteins on the other hand are so gentle on the digestion and don’t tend to cause any stomach upsets at all. People who enjoy our shakes and protein powders tell us the products are easy to digest and absorb, cause no inflammation of the gut or skin and no reactions at all.


So why is whey protein still so dominant in the sports supplement and protein supplement markets? We think it’s simply down to tradition, availability and publicity, particularly within the sport and bodybuilding markets. But the tide is turning. As plant based proteins like hemp protein, brown rice protein and pea protein (and vegan protein blends) become more available, cheaper and tastier, greater numbers of consumers are finding out about them, trying them and enjoying them. One thing we’ve noticed is that, when people try plant protein powders, they don’t tend to go back to whey!


There are so many benefits to plant protein. What’s your reason for trying (and sticking with) it?

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