Plant Protein FAQs

Why should I try Sativa Shakes proteins?

Sativa shakes proteins are made from plant proteins & and don’t contain artificial sweeteners.

We believe these fats alone mean you will receive a better quality protein, better digestion while avoiding highly processed dairy derived whey.

When is the best time to take my shake?

There is no right & wrong time to take our shakes, think of them like food.

If you miss breakfast then a shake will be beneficial, if you eat junk for lunch then switching to Sativa Shakes will be a good move. Some of our customers like to take a shake before & during training for a sustained training session with protein being delivered throughout, although straight after training is considered near essential.  Sativa Shakes also make for a great healthy snack in between meals.


I am looking to build muscle, are your shakes any use?

While our proteins are ideal for those looking for lean toned physiques they can also be used for building muscle if combined with the right training & a high ‘good’ calorie diet. The quality protein in our shakes will give your muscles all the amino acids they need to repair & grow.


Can I add Sativa Shakes to my smoothie?

Hell yeah or just enjoy them on their own, your choice.


Why do you offer 2 proteins?

Here at Sativa Shakes we can’t get enough hemp protein, we love it so much we named the company after it!

Now while Viva Sativa is in our mind the best tasting hemp formula on the market, we know that some people like to have a lower carb option which is why we have developed Viva High Pro Blend, with 74% protein, all from plants inluding a generous helping (nearly 20%) hemp protein combined with Pea, Brown Rice & Soy proteins all with their own added benefits.


When do I take Viva Sativa, when do I take Viva Hi Pro?

Well really its up to you but a lot of our customers take Viva Sativa in the morning & during the day & take Hi Pro later in the day or in the final days of cutting up, to really melt that fat.


Can I get high from taking hemp protein?

No, Hemp protein is made from hemp seeds & there is actually no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol,  the  psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant) in hemp seeds. As well as this the variety of hemp used has very low THC levels.


What kind of protein is Hemp Protein?

Hemp protein is a complete protein (containing all the amino acids). It is an Edestin protein, which is a Globular protein, very similar to the protein found in our blood. For this reason it is easily recognised & used by your body for muscle repair.


How much hemp  protein do I need?

We like to treat hemp protein as a food and as such recommend you figure out your protein requirements and achieve these through your diet easily with the inclusion of Hemp protein supplements throughout the day in addition a healthy balanced diet.


Can I lose weight with hemp protein?

By combining a wholefood diet with a suitable exercise program you can achieve both weight loss & muscle gain supplementing with hemp protein.


Can I mix hemp protein with milk?

As one of the benefits of hemp protein is the fact that it is lactose & dairy free we believe it is best mixed with water, juice or a milk alternative like hemp milk.