Product review: Smartshake v2

The innovative, world renowned SmartShake 3-In-1 shaker is now available through the Sativa Shakes website! And so to celebrate, this week I’ve been putting it through its paces in order to provide a comprehensive review of a product that really has shaken up the world of shaker cups in recent times!

I soon found out after starting my trial of the product, the SmartShake really does have many advantages over your standard shaker bottle, first and foremost of which is its functionality. There are two extra compartments on the bottom of the shaker itself meaning you have plenty of space to store…well to name just a few:

Protein Powder

– Dried fruit, nuts or berries

– Car or house Keys

– Key-tag gym cards

– Jewellery etc.


Thanks to this innovative design you also save yourself valuable space in your bag by not having to cart around multiple bottles & containers to store what you need for either your workouts or indeed your nutrition on the go or at work. And If you really are short of space inside your bag there is even a handy clip on the bottle so you could attach it to the outside of your bag if needs be as well.


Now, you may be thinking that a lot of the time when you try to combine 2 or 3 functions together there’s often compromises made somewhere, I had these considerations cross my mind too initially, but I can now confidently report no such incidences arising.

  • You might think for example that the shaker itself wouldn’t be able to hold as much liquid as a regular shaker since it’s shorter to accommodate the 2 compartments beneath it, right? Well, since it’s slightly wider than a conventional shaker (which would generally hold 500-700ml of liquid) it’s still able to hold up to a plentiful 600ml with no trouble at all.


  • There are no compromises on quality either; all parts of the SmartShake are made from a high quality, strong & durable plastic which is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. The sound construction of the product also means that there is no chance of leakage or spillage once you’ve screwed on the lid or the individual compartments. I can also even report that on one of the hottest days this year it was able to keep my drink nice a cool out on the track after the addition of a couple of ice cubes!


The SmartShake is definitely a fantastic all round performer and it is easy to see why it’s becoming a must-have accessory for so many health & fitness enthusiasts worldwide!

You can get your very own SmartShake right here

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