Set your goals, work hard and believe, then you’re going achieve

As I look out onto the bright, sunny morning,  a warm breeze rustles through the budding trees, flowering daffodils stand proud from the soil, thoughts of ‘blimey, it must be hot!’ enter my head as I see a series of postmen pass by, braving their shorts for the first time this year. Winter might actually be over! In its crafty, sneaky way, spring has sprung upon us once again, and with it for many of us, thoughts of what the next few months will hold for us enter our minds, and we begin to set out the things we want to achieve this summer. From a physical perspective, whether it’s getting in beach body shape for the holidays, preparing for a sporting season ahead or simply getting fitter just to enjoy the sun-laden outdoors to its full, now is the time to step up, get your goals firmly set and go for it!

Regular readers will hopefully recall my concept of the positive feedback loop I often find myself involved in and today is yet another example of that. After having my knowledge of goal setting recently refreshed I thought I’d put a slightly different spin on it and show you how to set the best goals going forwards for whatever it is you want to achieve. The best intentions in the world can count for nothing without clear direction, so it’s crucial to map out exactly what you want then set about getting there. With a little persistence, focus and motivation you might just be surprised at what you can achieve so don’t be afraid to dream big! As long as your goals are technically attainable, set your sights high and just go for it! Trust me there’s nothing worse than thinking ‘what if I’d aimed higher?’

Obviously it’s totally your call when it comes to what your goals are, but in order to continually track you progress, you want to set yourself a series of small, short term goals alongside your main objective, that way you’ll always know that you’re headed in the right direction. For me personally, I’ve got a series of short term goals set out which should perfectly prepare me for my eventual goal this year of competing in my first ever national championships, so I know if I can be achieving this smaller targets leading up to the champs I’ll of put myself in the perfect position to deliver my best on the day. That’s the kind of mentality anyone can adopt in the pursuit of their goals no matter what their looking to achieve, you just need to believe in yourself and have faith in what you’re doing, after all so much of the battle will be won or lost in your head!

So many people have things they want to achieve in life, but the general notion is to keep putting them off until ‘another day’ and do it ‘some other time’. Why not apply your mind to those goals today, it could be the start of a wonderful journey, all you have to do is take the first step, just see how far it takes you.


Roy Barber

Roy Barber


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