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Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

As we near the end of January, I just want to check up on how your new years resolutions are progressing? Are you thriving and still as keen as you were on the 1st? Are you just starting to lose motivation and prioritise other things? Or, have the resolutions already been postponed till next year […]

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Part 2: Food quality – When and When Not to Buy Organic Food

Following on from last week’s blog, Revolutionising Breakfast, I want to share with you another invaluable piece of information that I have learnt during the last 6months. Take a good look around your local supermarket these days and you’ll undoubtedly see the label ‘organic’ tagged onto thousands of items, often trying to entice us health […]

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A Brief Look at How and Why to improve your rate of force development for sports performance

In the majority of modern sports, power is often the key component in making for a successful performance. Whether your sport is dependent upon sprinting, striking, throwing or jumping, your ability to very quickly produce large amounts of force will be a massive factor in determining sporting success. Whilst many athletes will perform maximal strength […]

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Wise snacking

It’s a constantly asked question in the dieting/healthy eating world; should I snack? What should I snack on? When should I snack? There has been lots of dietary advice which promotes healthy snacking to supplement meals, and also eating regularly to keep ‘the fire burning’ on your metabolism; which essentially means snacking too. This comes […]

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The top five exercises you must be doing to build muscle

If you want to build the kind of muscle which gives you the large, lean, physique you crave, you can’t afford to miss out these tried-and-tested exercises. Incorporate these into your training regime and build solid top-to-toe muscle . Squat Well-executed squats build muscle in the lower body – mainly the quads, glutes and hamstrings […]

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Five must do Exercises for Sports Performance and Longevity

For many of us playing sport and being physically active forms an integral part of our lives, providing us with enjoyment, accomplishment, challenges and excitement. It is an area where all strive to be our best and remain competitive for as long as possible. However, often injuries and setbacks can impair or prevent us from […]

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Women's Fitness

Should women train differently to men?

More women than ever are strength training: in gyms, at Crossfit classes, for sport or health or physique goals. It’s quite a remarkable shift in the trend. Women sometimes outnumber men in the weight room, and strength events like Strongman (should that be Strongwoman!) boast huge influxes in the amount of women wanting to put […]

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So which diet should you try this week?

The latest craze seems to be the 5:2 diet, an amazing, easy, uncomplicated, pain and side effect free way to lose weight, right? Maybe. Probably not though. A few years ago I may have tried this diet, but fortunately since my budding interest in the body and nutrition became more of a ferocious appetite for […]

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The Guy Who Hung From A Crane

UK Freerunner James Kingston | Exclusive Interview with Sativa Shakes

1 – Tell us about making the video, did everything go to plan? Making this video was extremely fun 🙂 everything went exactly as I wanted and I’m very pleased with how the final edit looks. It took about 5 early morning shoots to get all the footage and a few heavy editing sessions to get […]

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Food Label Traffic Light Wheel

Making Sense of Nutrition Claims and Food Labels

Food labels can be confusing, which is why I’ve come up with my top tips on how to make sense of them! The Nutrition Table (Fat, Sugar, Salt per 100g) – When we’re given a table full of numbers it doesn’t really mean much, but the following will help you to decide if you should eat […]

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