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Nichola Whitehead RD

How to Beat Cravings for BAD FOOD!

Cravings can happen for a number of reasons, and the key isn’t trying to rely on will power in order to combat them, but find out the cause. The top causes of food cravings are: Lack of sleep. Not getting enough shut-eye can cause cravings for foods that are high in energy i.e. fatty and […]

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2013 IAAF World Athletics Championships – Top 5 events review

After 9 days of intense, exciting action, this Sunday saw the culmination of the 13th IAAF World Athletics Championships, an event which saw a number of global track & field stars take to the sports second biggest stage and provide us with some show stopping performances. Below is my round-up of what I think were the […]

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Women's Fitness

Top tips for women getting started in the weights room

You’ve heard all the benefits of resistance training. You’re ready to get started in the weights room. But what do you need to know?   More and more women are venturing into the weights area of the gym. Great news! Resistance training, weight training and working out with barbells and dumbbells won’t make you bulky […]

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Nicola Joyce

Nicola Joyce Blogger Biography

Nicola Joyce is a freelance journalist, features writer and copywriter who has been writing about sport and fitness for magazines, newspapers, books and corporate clients since 2004. Formerly an endurance athlete who has swum the English Channel (twice!) and taken part in long triathlons, running races and cycle sportives, she is now a competitive bodybuilder […]

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Healthy and Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Healthy and Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Quite often during such hot and humid weather, like we’ve had lately, there is no nicer feeling than finding a nice, cold, refreshing drink to quench our thirst and help cool us down. A lot of the time though we can never quite find a healthy option at our finger tips that really satisfies the […]

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Exercise outdoors – 5 reasons to take your workout into the sunshine

With the beautiful, hot, sunny days we’ve been blessed with in recent weeks I, like many, find myself increasingly compelled to get outdoors & enjoy the weather as much as I can, after all this is Britain… it’s unlikely to last too long! So whilst we have this glorious weather at our disposal, why not […]

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Roy Barber

Sprains, Strains and Achilles Heels – A Guide to Managing Injuries ASAP

What a fantastic weekend for British sport we’ve just had! With the Lions roaring to an emphatic series victory over Australia on Saturday, along with Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Triumph on Sunday, It was a proud couple days for all us sports fanatic Brits. Looking back at both events, and the matches leading up to this […]

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Meat Free Monday

Making an Athletes Vegan Diet Work, Every Meat Free Monday.

A popular new health trend making its mark on the nutrition of the masses is Meat Free Monday, its a concept that grabbed my attention a little while ago for its great health, ethical & environmental benefits so starting today I’ve decided not only to commit to it on a once weekly basis but also make […]

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Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation

Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation Last week, after I spoke about 5 simple tips for a better workout , I got some great feedback from a friend on another technique that he used in his workouts for extra drive and motivation, and so after trying it out myself, […]

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Plant protein vs whey

Plant protein vs whey: what’s best for a healthy diet?

Plant protein vs whey: what’s best for a healthy diet? There’s no doubt that plenty of protein is needed for a healthy diet. But what’s the best protein supplement choice: plant protein or whey protein?   We’re passionate about our plant-based protein powders, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that we the Sativa Shakes […]

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