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5 Simple Tips For A Better Workout

Enjoy the process of becoming better with these tips for a better workout: No matter what your type of training you’re doing it is really important to do so efficiently and look to optimise your workouts for optimal results. Here are my top five really simple tips for a better workout that anyone can apply […]

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Ethics, logic, health, and sustainability – But only until 6pm. The VB6 Diet

I try to make it quite clear throughout this blog that I am an advocate for healthy, balanced, happy and sustainable lifestyles. I avoid extremes, I avoid rules, I hate diets and I especially hate hype. So I was really excited when the thoughtful people at Sativa Shakes contacted me to ask if I would participate in their […]

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Is the VB6 diet any good? (vegan before 6pm)

Our thoughts on the VB6 diet and vegan protein   When we read about the new VB6 diet (“vegan before 6pm”), it got us wondering: is veganism an ethical lifestyle choice or a dietary preference?   We strongly support veganism both for ethical, environmental and nutritional health reasons. It’s part of the reason why we’re […]

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Pressure Image

Love pressure – its nothing but the shadow of great opportunity.

‘Love pressure, its nothing but the shadow of great opportunity’ This week’s blog is all about that thing so many of us love to hate – pressure. We all have to deal with tight, tense situations where we feel that uncomfortable sensation of endless pressure bearing down on us, with its ever-present companion, the crushing […]

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Great Vegan Expectations

Whey Protein Myths Xploded – The Simple Secret of Supplementation.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. Well, athletes and active individuals have been supplementing their diet with whey protein shakes for a while now, so that’s got to be the way forward – at least I assume that’s what the majority of the population believe.   But let’s […]

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Great Vegan Expectations

Claire Desroche – Great Vegan Expectations

So you’ve stumbled across this blog, perhaps by accident, and I intend to make it worth your while, whether you are vegan, know a vegan, love a vegan, hate a vegan, or have never really thought about being vegan. I’m not here to give you any groundbreaking news or advice. Quite the opposite, in fact. […]

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Patience, Patience, Patience

Patience, Patience, Patience We all know the old saying of patience being a virtue; it’s just a fact of life that we need a little patience so often in whatever we’re working towards, anything worth doing will undoubtedly take a little time. It’s so common for our patience to really be tested on the journey […]

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