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Wise snacking

It’s a constantly asked question in the dieting/healthy eating world; should I snack? What should I snack on? When should I snack? There has been lots of dietary advice which promotes healthy snacking to supplement meals, and also eating regularly to keep ‘the fire burning’ on your metabolism; which essentially means snacking too. This comes […]

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No Pain No Gain? Not always the winning formula

It’s a popular saying, and one that I often live by when it comes to training. As a keen runner, when trying to up my distance I particularly feel the need to push through that final mile even though my legs are screaming at me to stop. I also have workouts where I’m not in […]

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So which diet should you try this week?

The latest craze seems to be the 5:2 diet, an amazing, easy, uncomplicated, pain and side effect free way to lose weight, right? Maybe. Probably not though. A few years ago I may have tried this diet, but fortunately since my budding interest in the body and nutrition became more of a ferocious appetite for […]

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