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Paleo Diet Caveman

Eating Like a Caveman: What’s the Big Deal About the Paleo Diet?

With every New Year comes a slew of fad diets, and every year they seem a little crazier than the last. So what’s the big thing for 2015? Eating like a caveman, of course! And no, we’re not kidding. The so-called ‘Paleolithic diet’ or Paleo diet has been adopted by a number of big names […]

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Everything you need to know about carbs.

Carbs.. it seems that there’s a love/hate relationship with them at the moment.. most people love the taste of them but hate them for ‘making us fat’ .. but should we really hate an ENTIRE FOOD GROUP??? Let’s break it down.. what are carbs, why do we need them and finally.. should we really love […]

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Wise snacking

It’s a constantly asked question in the dieting/healthy eating world; should I snack? What should I snack on? When should I snack? There has been lots of dietary advice which promotes healthy snacking to supplement meals, and also eating regularly to keep ‘the fire burning’ on your metabolism; which essentially means snacking too. This comes […]

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So which diet should you try this week?

The latest craze seems to be the 5:2 diet, an amazing, easy, uncomplicated, pain and side effect free way to lose weight, right? Maybe. Probably not though. A few years ago I may have tried this diet, but fortunately since my budding interest in the body and nutrition became more of a ferocious appetite for […]

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Food Label Traffic Light Wheel

Making Sense of Nutrition Claims and Food Labels

Food labels can be confusing, which is why I’ve come up with my top tips on how to make sense of them! The Nutrition Table (Fat, Sugar, Salt per 100g) – When we’re given a table full of numbers it doesn’t really mean much, but the following will help you to decide if you should eat […]

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Nichola Whitehead RD

How to Beat Cravings for BAD FOOD!

Cravings can happen for a number of reasons, and the key isn’t trying to rely on will power in order to combat them, but find out the cause. The top causes of food cravings are: Lack of sleep. Not getting enough shut-eye can cause cravings for foods that are high in energy i.e. fatty and […]

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