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Discover Wearable Fitness Technology

Essentials of Fitness Technology In an ever expanding world of futuristic tools, gadgets & gizmos available to us today, it is no wonder that advances in fitness technologies have skyrocketed over the past few years. Whilst there are many very high-tech things out there, the benefits of a lot are often not always obvious and […]

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Part 2: Food quality – When and When Not to Buy Organic Food

Following on from last week’s blog, Revolutionising Breakfast, I want to share with you another invaluable piece of information that I have learnt during the last 6months. Take a good look around your local supermarket these days and you’ll undoubtedly see the label ‘organic’ tagged onto thousands of items, often trying to entice us health […]

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Fruit and Veg

5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Cold & Flu

It is fair to say that battling the common cold is never an enjoyable experience, avoiding infection and flu is therefore often of high priority at this time of time of year, when we seem to be most vulnerable.  Below are five tips that may help to ward off the symptoms of the common cold […]

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Five must do Exercises for Sports Performance and Longevity

For many of us playing sport and being physically active forms an integral part of our lives, providing us with enjoyment, accomplishment, challenges and excitement. It is an area where all strive to be our best and remain competitive for as long as possible. However, often injuries and setbacks can impair or prevent us from […]

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2013 IAAF World Athletics Championships – Top 5 events review

After 9 days of intense, exciting action, this Sunday saw the culmination of the 13th IAAF World Athletics Championships, an event which saw a number of global track & field stars take to the sports second biggest stage and provide us with some show stopping performances. Below is my round-up of what I think were the […]

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Roy Barber

Sprains, Strains and Achilles Heels – A Guide to Managing Injuries ASAP

What a fantastic weekend for British sport we’ve just had! With the Lions roaring to an emphatic series victory over Australia on Saturday, along with Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Triumph on Sunday, It was a proud couple days for all us sports fanatic Brits. Looking back at both events, and the matches leading up to this […]

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Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation

Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation Last week, after I spoke about 5 simple tips for a better workout , I got some great feedback from a friend on another technique that he used in his workouts for extra drive and motivation, and so after trying it out myself, […]

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5 Simple Tips For A Better Workout

Enjoy the process of becoming better with these tips for a better workout: No matter what your type of training you’re doing it is really important to do so efficiently and look to optimise your workouts for optimal results. Here are my top five really simple tips for a better workout that anyone can apply […]

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Pressure Image

Love pressure – its nothing but the shadow of great opportunity.

‘Love pressure, its nothing but the shadow of great opportunity’ This week’s blog is all about that thing so many of us love to hate – pressure. We all have to deal with tight, tense situations where we feel that uncomfortable sensation of endless pressure bearing down on us, with its ever-present companion, the crushing […]

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Patience, Patience, Patience

Patience, Patience, Patience We all know the old saying of patience being a virtue; it’s just a fact of life that we need a little patience so often in whatever we’re working towards, anything worth doing will undoubtedly take a little time. It’s so common for our patience to really be tested on the journey […]

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