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Travelling and Training: staying on track at home or away

Committing to any training programme or diet is hard enough when you’re in your usual surroundings at home or at work so fitting it in when you’re on holiday or away for a few days can seem super tricky. I’m now 5 weeks away from my second ever physique competition, the World Beauty Fitness and […]

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Discover Wearable Fitness Technology

Essentials of Fitness Technology In an ever expanding world of futuristic tools, gadgets & gizmos available to us today, it is no wonder that advances in fitness technologies have skyrocketed over the past few years. Whilst there are many very high-tech things out there, the benefits of a lot are often not always obvious and […]

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Part 1: Revolutionising Breakfast – The 6 biggest things I’ve learned about nutrition in the last 6 months.

Reflecting back upon the last few months, I can confidently say that my knowledge of training, performance and particularly nutrition has advanced exponentially, and continues to do so today. Whilst lucky enough to be surrounded by and lectured by some very knowledgeable academics here at Loughborough, a lot of the knowledge that I have gained […]

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A Brief Look at How and Why to improve your rate of force development for sports performance

In the majority of modern sports, power is often the key component in making for a successful performance. Whether your sport is dependent upon sprinting, striking, throwing or jumping, your ability to very quickly produce large amounts of force will be a massive factor in determining sporting success. Whilst many athletes will perform maximal strength […]

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Training Hierarchy

What is GPP and why is it important for sports performance?

This week I’m going to cover an area which is often overlooked by many sports people when designing and implementing training programs, but if included wisely can be of great benefit. General Physical Preparedness, or GPP for short, is a very simple yet effective way to boost overall performance by: 1)      Increasing overall metabolic conditioning […]

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Planning your training for optimal performance

At this time of year many sportsmen & women will be returning from an end of season break and embarking on the first stages of training to prepare themselves for next year.  The most effective way of conducting your training through the off season is obviously brought about through careful planning and preparation. It is […]

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No Pain No Gain? Not always the winning formula

It’s a popular saying, and one that I often live by when it comes to training. As a keen runner, when trying to up my distance I particularly feel the need to push through that final mile even though my legs are screaming at me to stop. I also have workouts where I’m not in […]

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Essential Micronutrients for Sports Performers

As keen sports men and women we’re often keen to know what we should be eating to help refuel and energise our bodies in order to improve. Whilst usually we think on a macronutrient level, i.e. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, today I thought I would take a moment to look at a few micronutrients (vitamins […]

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Five must do Exercises for Sports Performance and Longevity

For many of us playing sport and being physically active forms an integral part of our lives, providing us with enjoyment, accomplishment, challenges and excitement. It is an area where all strive to be our best and remain competitive for as long as possible. However, often injuries and setbacks can impair or prevent us from […]

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2013 IAAF World Athletics Championships – Top 5 events review

After 9 days of intense, exciting action, this Sunday saw the culmination of the 13th IAAF World Athletics Championships, an event which saw a number of global track & field stars take to the sports second biggest stage and provide us with some show stopping performances. Below is my round-up of what I think were the […]

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