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Post competition reflections – know your weaknesses, and strive to make them your strengths

It’s just over a week now since I competed for the second time this year with the WBFF at the Indigo, O2 ProAm extravaganza. All in all it was a confusing, crazy but very cool day!  I had the pleasure of catching up with some of the friends I’ve made on the competition circuit this […]

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Form or function – learning life lessons through body building!

I’m conflicted; form or function, killer abs or super strength…? Is it possible to achieve both or must I choose? I’m just reaching the end of 15 weeks’ worth of hard core training and dieting and about to commence ‘peak week’, the infamous last week before my physique competition when things start getting a little […]

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Travelling and Training: staying on track at home or away

Committing to any training programme or diet is hard enough when you’re in your usual surroundings at home or at work so fitting it in when you’re on holiday or away for a few days can seem super tricky. I’m now 5 weeks away from my second ever physique competition, the World Beauty Fitness and […]

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Water and Hydration

The Importance of Hydration!

To start, here’s a quick hydration Q&A for you: Did you know water makes up 50-75% of an average adult body? Did you know dehydration could lead to acute cognitive impairment and a multitude of chronic diseases? Did you know dehydration could decrease exercise efficiency and sporting performance? Whether you did or did not know […]

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