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Coming Clean: Are You Willing to Admit You’re a ‘Chegan’?

  When it comes to bombshells in the vegan world, they don’t get much bigger than this. With high-profile celebs like Jared Leto and Venus Williams opening up and admitting to being ‘chegan’, isn’t it time we all came clean? The term chegan simply means a cheating vegan: someone who has so far been dedicated […]

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Meat Free Monday

Making an Athletes Vegan Diet Work, Every Meat Free Monday.

A popular new health trend making its mark on the nutrition of the masses is Meat Free Monday, its a concept that grabbed my attention a little while ago for its great health, ethical & environmental benefits so starting today I’ve decided not only to commit to it on a once weekly basis but also make […]

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Ethics, logic, health, and sustainability – But only until 6pm. The VB6 Diet

I try to make it quite clear throughout this blog that I am an advocate for healthy, balanced, happy and sustainable lifestyles. I avoid extremes, I avoid rules, I hate diets and I especially hate hype. So I was really excited when the thoughtful people at Sativa Shakes contacted me to ask if I would participate in their […]

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Is the VB6 diet any good? (vegan before 6pm)

Our thoughts on the VB6 diet and vegan protein   When we read about the new VB6 diet (“vegan before 6pm”), it got us wondering: is veganism an ethical lifestyle choice or a dietary preference?   We strongly support veganism both for ethical, environmental and nutritional health reasons. It’s part of the reason why we’re […]

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