The Breakfast Cereal Diet Can’t Possibly Be Real…Can It?


There’s a reason that breakfast cereals are called breakfast cereals.

But that doesn’t stop some people using them as the centrepiece for the latest you’ll-never-guess diet (or possibly fad). Whether herbivore, carnivore, or a bit of both, the breakfast cereal diet is apparently one that anyone can try. But is it really a good idea? Or is it another diet to add to the ever-growing list of ‘silly things that you shouldn’t do to stay in shape’? Let’s find out!

So… what exactly is the Breakfast Cereal diet?

The first thing to say is that you don’t have to eat cereal for every single meal, so there is some light at the end of this tunnel. Even the most hardened Coco Pops fan may have a tough time after bowl number three on any given day. No, this particular diet takes its structure from countless other fad diets: you substitute meal #1 and #2, then have a ‘proper’ dinner. So, for example, you might eat a bowl of Shreddies for breakfast, a bowl of Corn Flakes for lunch, then a nice pot roast for dinner. Sound good? Yeah… we’re not so sure either. So can a diet like this actually help with your weight loss goals?

Does the Breakfast Cereal diet work?

Believe it or not, this diet has actually been subject to real studies by real science folk. Back in 2009, the British Nutrition Foundation ran a study on the efficacy of switching out two meals for cereals every day. Their findings actually show that this approach to weight loss may have at least some basis in truth. The basic results are that, based on a 6-week test period, the participants who ate a single cereal twice per day lost 1.3 lbs, whereas those who combined two different cereals lost a whopping 4.4 lbs. Having said that, these results aren’t really comparable to a proper regime of diet and exercise, which can net up to 2 lbs per week when done correctly. Still, if you really love breakfast cereal, this might work for you.

“So I can eat Frosties all day and lose weight? Awesome!”

Unfortunately, if you want to give this wacky diet a go, you can’t simply chow down on your favourite sugary cereals. Proponents of the diet, and those who carried out the study, note that choosing the right cereal is vital in netting any weight loss gains. The more sugary cereals, when eaten in large quantities, could actually cause you to gain weight – so you want to try it, stick to  decent muesli without added sugar or really anything whole-grain. Finally make sure you use a tasty dairy free milk – check out our blog post featuring alternative milks here

Alternatively, you could try out some exercise in combination with a plant-based protein shake and see how many pounds you could shed… but then we would say that, wouldn’t we?

What do you think about the breakfast cereal diet? Would you be willing to give it a go? Let us know in the comments or via Facebook and Twitter!


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