The Bulk-and-Cut Diet, Fact or Fiction?

The Bulk-and-Cut Diet: Is it Fact or Fiction?

Whether you’re new to bodybuilding or you’re a grizzled veteran, you’ll no doubt have heard of the bulk-and-cut diet. In fact, it’s so well known that many bodybuilders swear by this approach to diet and nutrition. Despite this, the diet has become subject to some controversy in recent years – making it a great topic for today’s blog post. Are the worries fact or fiction?

The basics of bulk-and-cut

As the name suggests, this diet really comes down to two different phases: bulk and cut. Let’s break down what each of these phases entails.

  • During the bulk phase, the main aim of the diet is to build muscle and gain weight. The main means of achieving this is a huge increase in caloric intake. It’s not unusual for bulk-and-cut dieters to consume 4000+ calories per day. The general rule for caloric intake is to consume 17.5 times your bodyweight; so if you weigh 200 pounds, you’d need to consume 3500 calories during bulking.
  • During the cut phase, the aim is to reduce bodyfat, lose weight, and increase lean muscle. This can involve a reduction in caloric intake so that a calorie deficit is created and the body burns more than it takes in.

The goal of the bulk-and-cut diet is almost to trick the body into growing rapidly, by providing a huge amount of calories then taking it away – thus causing the body to use those calories to build mass.

No stranger to controversy

You’ve probably heard of bulk-and-cut before, and chances are it wasn’t always a positive report. That’s because this diet is one of the most controversial out there, and there are a few reasons for that. The primary concern for those who don’t support the diet is that it doesn’t strictly do anything to build muscle, and instead just makes people fat. When spread across months, as it’s suggested to do, a lot of people find that they simply start to “yo-yo” – i.e. they put on weight (or “bulk”) and then during cutting just go back down to where they started. So what’s the point?

Is the bulk-and-cut approach a good idea in 2017?

The truth about bulk-and-cut is that it can work, if it’s done correctly. The problem is that most folks who try this diet simply carb-load during bulking then practically fast during cutting. The truth is that the bulking phase must be done using the right foods – healthy proteins, fats, and balanced carbs. The calorific intake must be increased, of course, but that doesn’t mean you can reach for the Dairy Free ice cream every chance you get! If you’d like to try bulk-and-cut, we’d always recommend that you fully research it first, and that you focus on proper nutrition, otherwise it’ll simply be an exercise in frustration!

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