James Kingston Interview with Sativa Shakes – The Guy Who Hung From A Crane

The Guy Who Hung From A Crane

1. Why do you eat vegan – ethical, environmental, health or other reasons?

I went vegan mainly for the health benefits. I felt something wasn’t quite right inside my body. I was aware that most food I was eating was full of chemicals and all sorts of other bad things but I just carried on… Like most people, I thought I needed to be drinking milk and eating meat to live well. Turns out it’s the complete opposite. The only way I could be sure that everything going into my body was clean, natural and healthy was by turning vegan.

2. Tell us about the moment you decided to turn vegan? What prompted you to make that decision?

A couple of good friends had turned vegan so I decided to look into it. After a lot of interesting reading, I decided to give it a go.

3. How many freerunning vegans do you know?

A few friends of mine are vegan but so many are beginning to show an interest and look more into it which is awesome! People are finally learning 🙂

 4. Fitness is paramount for a professional freerunner. How important is diet? And how is a vegan diet beneficial to training, performance and recovery?

Diet is extremely important to any kind of athlete. I have so much energy after starting a vegan diet. I am stronger then ever and recovery times are so much shorter.

5. Put these 3 in order by daredevil credentials: Felix Baumgartner (world record skydiver), Philippe Petit (Man on Wire), Alain Robert (Human Fly)

I wouldn’t say they’re daredevils at all. I’ve been called one many times but it is so far from true! I love all of Philippe and Alains stuff 🙂 and I’d love to skydive from the edge of space!

6. What do you say to critics who say your actions are unfair on the people who would have to pick up the pieces if something went wrong?

I’d say that’s the job they applied for. As for copycats – people die horrible deaths everyday driving their cars fast & crashing but nobody gets angry at the super-famous racing drivers on TV.

7. You must be something of a local hero in your hometown – has the Mayor offered you the keys to Southampton yet?! 

Haha no, not yet but the response has been really good.

8. Once you’ve hung one-handed from a crane (twice) doesn’t it make every day life seem a little, well… mundane?

Haha life is always awesome!! I find it very hard to sit still and do nothing.

9. Working on the set of Kickass2 last year must have been pretty cool – what did you do exactly ?

I was dressed up as a super hero kicking the butts of bad guys. It was so much fun!!

10. We’d love to know how “kickass” you get in the kitchen. Can you let us in on your favourite protein shake flavour, and your most creative protein shake recipe?

It has to be the Sativa Shakes Chocolate & Caramel flavour mixed with some hazelnut or almond milk. Man, it’s so tasty!!

James Kingston is 22 years old and lives in Southampton. He is a professional freerunner and has been practicing Parkour and Free running since April 2007.

He is a brand ambassador for Sativa Shakes and an advocate of taking good care of your body !

Check out his You Tube channel  where the crane video has attracted more than 1.25m views. Follow him on Twitter. Why did he do it? Hear him answer more questions about the crane here.


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  1. Clare Brace June 27, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Coooooooooool!!! but don’t think ill give it a go myself!

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