The Ultimate Guide To Feeling Great This Spring

A new season, a new you! With summer fast approaching and thoughts of that perfect beach body at the forefront of our minds, it’s time to get fit and healthy in preparation. Check out our top tips for looking and feeling great this spring and really embrace the new season!

Girl on beach

Go outside


After the darkness of winter, it’s time to add a little sunshine into your life! We may have hibernated during most of January and February, but enjoying the outdoors is great motivation for getting fit and healthy. Try riding to work or a morning run to really get those endorphins going – perfect for improving your mental and physical wellbeing!


All about the lemon water


This tip is a classic, but with good reason! You’ve probably heard it before, but drinking warm water with lemon has been proven to hydrate and cleanse the system, improving digestion and leaving you feeling healthier. Aim for around two big glasses of lemon water a day – first thing in the morning, and after lunch or dinner alongside a healthy diet to really feel the benefits!


Sweet Stuff


Spring is the perfect time to cut your sugar intake and there is no better way than to increase your vegetable intake. Don’t forget a scoop of your favourite Sativa Shakes protein powder for a real health kick!



Work it out


Not only does working out improve your physical appearance and fitness levels, it is great for your mood! This because endorphins are released during exercise, reducing stress levels and encouraging happy hormones. Try mixing up your training and pushing harder and you will see and feel the benefits.


What are some of your top tips for looking and feeling good this season?


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