The Ultimate List of Vegan Alternatives to Non-Vegan Essentials


There are plenty of benefits of being vegan, but there’s no escaping the fact that some foods can be sorely missed. If you’ve been wondering how to replace everyday essential non-vegan foods (like meat and milk), we’ve got something that’ll be right up your alley. The expert team here at Sativa Shakes have whipped up the ultimate list of vegan alternatives – so let’s get stuck in!


It can sometimes seem like almost everything has a milk derivative in it somewhere, but due to widespread lactose-intolerance, there are plenty of vegan alternatives. Here are our favourites.

  • Almond milk contains lots of good stuff, including antioxidants and the good kind of fat. On top of that, almond milk actually tastes good and contains a comparable amount of calories than cow’s milk.
  • Soya milk is probably the best-known milk alternative. Made from the soy bean, it can be found either sweetened or unsweetened, and contains a lot of protein, vitamins and – of course – calcium!
  • Hemp milk our favourite dairy free milk, try soaking hulled hemp seeds in a bowl of water in the fridge overnight, the following morning blitz then in a blender  – simple and delicious dairy free milk!


While you may not miss the actual taste or texture of meat, it’s often used as the centrepiece of many recipes and dishes. Well, fear not, because we have a few choices that can serve the same purpose.

  • Tofu is the big-hitter when it comes to meat replacements. There are almost limitless recipes for tofu and countless ways to make it taste amazing. Packed with a similar amount of protein as chicken, tofu is really good for you too.
  • Chickpeas may not be the first thing to pop into your head when thinking of meat replacements, but they’re actually a great choice. The reason is that chickpeas are full of protein, just like meat, and have a relatively heavy texture that makes them a solid addition to meat-alternative dishes.


One of the main reasons you might want to replace eggs with a vegan alternative is for baking. If you’re a Great British Baker, and a vegan, you might miss eggs quite a bit. But worry not: you have lots of options.

  • Flax seeds can take care of the binding properties of eggs in many baking recipes. On top of being a great binder, flax seeds also introduce an element of nutty flavour that can bring new life to many recipes. Plus they’re a brilliant source of fibre!
  • Bananas may be an egg substitute that could surprise you, but it makes sense when you think about it. Bananas contain plenty of moisture, just like eggs, as well as having the texture necessary to create the binding properties of eggs. Just remember that you may want to reduce your sugar in other areas of the recipe, because bananas do bring a little sweetness!

So there you have it: plenty of choices for replacing those so-called non-vegan ‘essentials’. With just a little work, you can turn any recipe into a vegan-friendly dish which will please even the most discerning herbivore.

What are your favourite vegan substitutes? Let us know in the comments below or via Facebook and Twitter!


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