Is the VB6 diet any good? (vegan before 6pm)

Our thoughts on the VB6 diet and vegan protein


When we read about the new VB6 diet (“vegan before 6pm”), it got us wondering: is veganism an ethical lifestyle choice or a dietary preference?


We strongly support veganism both for ethical, environmental and nutritional health reasons. It’s part of the reason why we’re so proud to produce vegan-friendly protein powders which are completely plant-based (and why we were delighted when the Vegetarian Society endorsed our protein powders).


But reading the recent article in The Times about the VB6 diet, we started debating veganism here in the Sativa Shakes HQ. Is it possible to be a part-time vegan? And, if so, is it insulting to full-time vegans? Does it matter whether a person chooses to eat a vegan diet for nutritional, health, environmental, ethical or financial reasons? Is it fair to exploit consumers and sell diets based on such an emotive topic?


The VB6 diet – brainchild of American cook and New York Times food writer Mark Bittman – seems pretty simple. No animal products before 18:00. Anything you like after the clock chimes 6pm. The book’s title promises that this diet will help you lose weight and restore your health. Along with the seemingly-arbitrary cut off time for animal products, the diet forbids any manufactured foods, (although, having said that, the article’s list of what is and what isn’t allowed raised some eyebrows here in the office!) Cutting down or cutting out manmade foods is something we can get behind. We strongly agree with ditching highly processed foods, vegan or not. Vegetables, fruits, beans and pulses are all fantastic additions to the diet, as are all the plant sources from which we take our Sativa Shakes protein powders: hemp, brown rice and pea.


Despite the absurd aspects of this VB6 diet, we do agree that part-time veganism is better than no veganism at all. We think veganism is healthy for the body, the mind and the environment. Plants and plant-based proteins give us a host of nutrients, healthy fats and fibre. We just can’t help thinking that a commercial diet promoting part-time veganism is a bit… gimmicky.


What do you think? Have you heard of the VB6 diet? Would you give it a try, or do you feel that veganism should be an all-or-nothing ethical stance?


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