Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation

Training Scrapbook – A bonus tip for even better Training and Motivation

Last week, after I spoke about 5 simple tips for a better workout , I got some great feedback from a friend on another technique that he used in his workouts for extra drive and motivation, and so after trying it out myself, I was really keen to share it with you.

So, what I’ve done on the back of this advice, Is to create my own motivational scrapbook for training which I can turn to before any training session for both general motivation to get me through my workouts and also specific motivation for each specific area of my training, as well as providing info on where I’m at with my training, my end goals and everything else. To be honest it seems such a simple idea I don’t know why I’ve not done it before! And having now made it myself I’d urge anyone else who is serious about their training to definitely do the same!

If you are interested in making your own, I’ll talk you through some of the things you want to put in it, though it has to be a personal to you as possible for it to really work.

  1. Motivational Quotes – These can be any words of advice that you’ve picked up from people over your life which motivate you, make you want to be more, be better and work harder to accomplish great things. Find what words of wisdom really work for you so that every time you open your scrapbook you read those quotes the words really fire you up and get you going.
  1. Inspirational images – Imagery is such a powerful motivator, and so by finding images of people or events that inspire you to put in your scrapbook you can really benefit. The beauty here is too, that you can have both generic motivational images and also specific images for different workouts which are personal to you. So you can have images of different individuals who inspire you for different reasons and have qualities that you also aspire to have.

A quick example for someone like me might be:

To look at the different components of my training and the qualities I’m looking to develop in each, then find an image of different people who excel at each of different areas of sprinting, for instance I might have a picture of Michael Johnson to make me think about his phenomenal speed endurance when I’m doing longer sprints, similarly I might have pictures of Asafa Powell or Maurice Greene to stimulate my thinking when I’m doing block starts and accelerations. I would then also find people that motivated me across each different area of my training.

Similarly, an example for someone training for hypertrophy in the gym using a body part split might be:

To have pictures of different people all of whom have areas of their body which are really outstanding, such as great arms, or great shoulders or a great back, all of whom you personally look up to and want to have similar qualities to. You’ll then be stimulated to think about: how this person got their arms to look like that? Or what do I need to get my shoulders like his? Etc. And with each rep of your workout you can be thinking about how each time you press that weight up again you’re getting a little bit closer to where you want to be.

  1. Your workout log – Another great thing to do is keep a workout diary within your scrapbook, listing all the sessions, exercises, distances, times or weights that you’ve done so that you can view you progression over time.
  1. List your goals – As I’ve spoken about many times, goals are really important so by writing them down on paper and looking at them every time you go to train you can remind yourself of why you’re there and how what you’re about to do will help you to reach your eventual goals.

You can also add in anything else that you feel will help you in your training, as this has to be a personal thing which will help you achieve exactly what you want.

If you try it out making one of these scrapbooks let me know how you get on with them, I’d love to hear from anyone who gives it a go!

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